Blue Eyes White Dragon, Choose You!

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

the blanket in this was a christmas present from sparrowshellcat 😀 the blanket last time with the unicorms i’m sure you recognized as being from casper’s swap gift from leeza~kat n_n

(tato is filling in as a temporary baby stand-in)

Meryll, “Cette chanson douce~♫ Je veux la chanter pour toi~♫ Car ta peau est douce~♫”

Gabe, “Ok… Gwen is taking Jael home because he couldn’t contain his fangasming.”
Meryll, “Hehehehe, he really liked the babies, huh!”

Gabe, “And Vult got the other one to take a nap, finally. How’s this one?”
Meryll, “I think sleeping is his favorite hobby!”

Gabe, “And how about you? Aside from beautiful.”
Meryll, “Hehehe, I’m fine. A little sleepy.”

Meryll, “Hey, did you notice? They have cute little funny ears like yours!”
Gabe, “I did notice. Hard to miss it with a couple of bald little babies.”

Meryll, “They have these weird little bumps, too. Did you see?”
Gabe, “Those are horns, Kitten. Or will be.”

Meryll, “Whaaaaaaaaat.”
Gabe, “Mhmm, Kafka and I both have them.”

Meryll, “You dirty liar! You do not!”
Gabe, “We do! We can hide them! They’ll probably grow wings like us, too.”

Meryll, “Your papa is a dirty liar, chou chou. Sowwies.”
Gabe, “Shush, you.”

Gabe, “Can I hold him?”
Meryll, “Euhhh…”

Gabe, “Please?”
Meryll, “Murrrrrrrr, ok…”

Meryll, “You’ve got him? You sure?”
Gabe, “Yes, Kitten, he’s ok.”

Gabe, “He’s so cold, even wrapped up like this…”
Meryll, “He always is. Alister says he’s fine, though.”

Gabe, “His brother’s the opposite… Almost like he has a slight fever.”
Meryll, “Did you think of any names yet?”

Gabe, “Hmm…”
Meryll, “I was thinking Casper and Jasper!”

Meryll, “They’d be so cuuute~!”
Gabe, “…I love you. Please don’t give them rhyming names.”

Meryll, “HARUMPH. You think of names, then, jerkface.”
Gabe, “Good job, Mer. You woke him up.”

Gabe, “Hey there, sleepyhead. Chilly little baby.”

Gabe, “Alister says you almost didn’t make it. You’re safe with us now, though.”

Meryll, “Did he tell you why? I didn’t understand it.”
Gabe, “Something about the other one being stronger and taking nutrients.”

Meryll, “Hmm…”

Gabe, “I think I’d like to name one of them Devlin.”
Meryll, “Like from Yu-Gi-Oh!”

Gabe, “What? No.”
Meryll, “You’re such a pokenerd!”

Gabe, “Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh are completely unrelated–“
Meryll, “Hey, chou chou! Shake shake shake!”

Gabe, [sigh] “How about Casper and Devlin, then?”
Meryll, “I like it! This one is Casper!”

Gabe, “Our babies.”
Meryll, “Our babies!”

jael’s response to mini-masters? not unlike foaming mouth guy.

the lullaby meryll is singing, if you’re curious:
Une chanson douce
Que me chantait ma maman,
En suçant mon pouce
J’écoutais en m’endormant.
Cette chanson douce,
Je veux la chanter pour toi
Car ta peau est douce
Comme la mousse des bois.

which roughly translates to (iirc) one sweet song, sung to me by my mother while i sucked on my thumb, i listened to it while i fell asleep. this sweet song, i want to sing it for you, because your skin is as soft as tree moss.

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