…And Then Everybody’s Heads Exploded

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

this is a joint story between me and keishi, though she took like twice as many pics for it as i did lol

at the end of this is a video answering a few questions regarding recent story stuffs (and just random questions), and it also has a couple of very important announcements. make sure you watch it. i was also up most of the night editing it, and had to cut out a lot of questions to get it to fit without splitting it into two videos. then at like 2am i was like YES I’M DONE and then i realized i hadn’t come up with a title for the photostory yet. woooooooo.

Edmund, “Ah! It’s Alister!”

Edmund, “Hey, Allie! How are you?”
Fenrys, “Tell him I said hi.”

Edmund, “What’s that? Twins? Really??”
“Yeah! I couldn’t believe it!”

Alister, “One of them was doing pretty poorly, though. He was lucky to survive.”
“That’s amazing, Allie! I’m proud of you!”

Sparrow, “Hey, beb! Who you talking to?”
Alister, “Um… It’s, uh–“
“Is that Sparrow?? Don’t tell her it’s me.”

Alister, “It’s… just Chase.”
Sparrow, “Oh.”

Sparrow, “I’m going out. I need to take the phone with me.”

Alister, “Can it wait a few minutes? I’m–“
Sparrow, “Just tell her you’ll talk to her later!”

“But I can’t just–“
“Whatever, Allie. I’ll just go without a phone. Pray I don’t get kidnapped.”

“What? No, please don’t! Just wait! Sparrow!”
Fenrys, “What the hell is her problem?”

“…Sorry. So, um… How’s Chase? Is she alright?”
Edmund, “What do you mean? Haven’t you talked with her?”

Fenrys, “Chase has been avoiding his calls for the past few weeks.”
Edmund, “What??”

Edmund, “Do you want me to get her on the phone?”
“What? No, that’s… that’s ok. I just… Is she alright?”

“Just a moment. She’s not doing anything.”
Alister, “No, Teddy, really… You don’t–“

Edmund, “Chase! Phone for you.”
Chase, “Tell whoever it is that I’ll call them back.”

“You need to take this.”
“I don’t have to do anything. Who is it?”

Edmund, “Your boyfriend. You remember, the guy you’ve been avoiding.”
Chase, “. . .”

Chase, “Alister. Hi.”
“Chase! I’m sorry, I told him not to put you on…”

Chase, “No, it’s fine. I’m glad you called.”
“How are you? I’ve been… a little worried. Are you…?”

“I’m… I think we need to talk.”
Alister, “Wh-what? Like…?”

Edmund, “Wait! What are you saying?? You can’t–!”
Chase, “One sec, Alister.”

Chase, “…Do you have a problem?”
Edmund, “You can’t do this! Don’t break up with him!”

[muffled arguing]

Alister, “Ch-Chase? Are you–“
“Sorry about that. I’m still here.”

“If you need space or just… I don’t know, I understand…”
Chase, “No, it’s not like that.”

Edmund, “PLEASE just stop and think about this! You’re making a huge mistake!”

Chase, “Edmund, if you don’t mind your own business, I’m gonna–“
Fenrys, “He’s right.”

Fenrys, “I’ve never seen you get so close to anybody. Alister is good for you.”


Chase, “Listen, we both got into this not meaning for it to get very serious…”
“I know, and–“

Chase, “But… Well… It’s gotten a lot more serious than I’m really comfortable with.”
“…Chase, I…”

Chase, [sigh]

Chase, “There’s really no easy way to say this, so…”

“Alister… I’m pregnant.”

i agree with edmund. doesn’t anybody around here use birth control?

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