And Baby Makes… pt.2

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i had to way over simplify the editing i had planned for this. i got hit with a massive migraine (migraine of the century) last night while editing pics, and had to recruit cori to finish them for me lol

it is nighttime, shazoom

Meryll, “Mmm…”

Meryll, “Nnnnnnngh!”

Meryll, “. . .”

“You’re doing great, Kitten, I’ll ease your pain…”

“Is it normal… to feel so… tired?!”

“Don’t worry. Just one more push, ok? Ready?”

“Gabe, can you come down here a second?”


“Relax, I just need him to hold the baby so I can have my hands free.”

“Something doesn’t feel right!!”

“Meryll, relax. You’re going to feel my hands, alright?”


“Is Vult still outside?? Get him in here! I need some help! Now!”

Meryll, “Gabe!!”
Gabe, “Hnn…”

Gabe, “You’re awake… How are you feeling?”

Meryll, “I need to get up!”
Gabe, “No, please! You need to rest!”

Gabe, “Just lie down for a little longer, you–“
Meryll, “Why???”

Gabe, “Please just rest! I know you want to get up, but–“
Meryll, “NO!”


Vult, “TWINS??”
Alister, “I guess it explains the weird ultrasounds… Kind of…”

Gabe, “She’s awake. And throwing a fit.”
Alister, “Oh, good!”

Alister, “Meryll? I’m coming in!”

Gabe, “Man…”

Vult, “…TWINS?????”
Gabe, “Ha! Twins!”

Vult, “And boys…”
Gabe, “Twin boys!!”

Vult, “…You realize that Meryll…”
Gabe, [sigh] “Ponies and unicorns. Yes.”

twin sissy boys, trufax lol MY PSYCHIC POWERS TELL ME SHE MIGHT NAME ONE OF THEM CASPER. and the other will be ferdinand, yes.

i meant to make this longer, but disjointed photostories like this always seem longer when i’m shooting them x_x also i had planned on adding some blood on alister’s scrubs, but like i said i had to cut down on the editing. oh wells.

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