That’s What She Said

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

happy valentine’s day! have a photostory!

i took half of these pics on saturday and the other half sunday. i kind of wish i had taken all of them sunday because apparently i had much better light o_O; oh well. it’s so hard to focus on taking pictures these days… but it’s nice to see these guys again, even if san is kind of a man-ho.

Meryll, “Hey! Vult! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Meryll, “VULT! …Vult Vult Vult Vult Vult!”

Meryll, “Stop ignoring me!”
Vult, [sigh] “I’m not.”

Meryll, “Then look!”
Vult, “What do you…………”

Meryll, “Ta-da! I’m a scuba girl!”

Vult, “. . .”

Meryll, “Wooga wooga wooga!”
Vult, “Would you shut up about that stupid squid already?”

Meryll, “But Dennis was your idea.”
Vult, “No. Definitely not.”

Meryll, “Help up?”
Vult, “All I did was make a comment about a squid. The rest was all you.”

Meryll, “But he’s… huff… the latest sensation… sweeping the nation…”
Vult, “Should you really be climbing things in a skirt?”

Meryll, “Why? I’m wearing shorts under it.”
Vult, “Oh, well then, even though it LOOKS like you’re flashing half the planet…”

Meryll, “I think you’re being silly!”
Vult, “All I’m saying is you never know what sick degenerate–“

San, “Sup laydees.”
Meryll, “Hi San!”

Meryll, “Oh! Can I use the TV for a movie?”
Vult, “What?! No!”

Meryll, “Whaaaaat! But I want to watch The Last Unicorn!”
Vult, “No way, you’re already interrupting my TV time enough!”

San, “That movie always makes me think of that stupid Twilight movie.”

Meryll, “What are you talking about?”
San, “Really, I mean it sings about how the unicorn sparkles. Come on.”

Vult, “Maybe they should make The Last Vampire with Edward instead.”
Meryll, “No they shouldn’t!”
San, “Totally, and he’d still turn into a human girl.”

Vult, “Then the prince would be saying ‘I don’t care if she’s really a vampire! And a man!’ instead.”

Meryll, “No!”
Vult, “Hey!”
San, “Yeah, and Edward wouldn’t want to turn back into a vampire dude.”

Meryll, “Shut up!”
San, “I mean, I sure wouldn’t want to deal with marble morning wood.”


Meryll, “I’m leaving! You can play your stupid game!”
San, “Seeya.”

Vult, “. . .”

San, “Serious, though. Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about that.”

Vult, “Ugh… Get out before I can’t control my gag reflex anymore.”
San, “…Dude……..”

*points at title*

obviously the last vampire would be a prequel to the twilight stuff, because it’s edward’s time as a human girl that causes him to learn how to angst. at the end of the movie, instead of “she’s the only unicorn who knows how to regret” the line would be “he’s the only vampire that knows how to angst”

…now i’m going back to bed (why am i up at 7am? let’s just say my culinary choices yesterday were less than ideal and might’ve involved too many oreos lol)

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