Uncharacteristically Emo

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.




Meryll, “Psst!! Hey! Are you awake?”

San, “Hnn…?”
Meryll, “Guess what I found!!”

San, “Nnngh…”
Meryll, “One sec.”

San, “What’s so exciting you had to–“

San, “. . .”

San, “I hate you so much right now.”
Meryll, “Hey!”

Meryll, “I’ve had this since I was little! Do you think she’ll like it?”

San, “Huh? Who?”
Meryll, “My baby!”

San, “She? I thought you didn’t know?”
Meryll, “I don’t.”

Meryll, “I just have a feeling.”

San, “I’ll take that!”
Meryll, “Hey!!”

San, “This thing reeks like motor oil.”
Meryll, “Well yeah, I’ve had it forevers.”

San, “So a girl, huh? You an’ Gabe got any names yet?”
Meryll, “I was thinking maybe Penny. Or maybe Pepper.”

San, “What’s with all the ‘P’ names?”
Meryll, “I’unno. I thought about naming her after Seraph, but…”

San, “Hm… Seraph or her real name? You know she doesn’t like it.”
Meryll, [sigh] “Yeah……”

Meryll, “Are you sure you’re ok spending time with me like this?”

San, “…Yeah. I’m fine.”
Meryll, “I don’t want to make you sad, San. You’ve been so serious lately.”

San, “Honestly, I hope it’s Gabe’s. You know what me and Malice are like.”

Meryll, “But just because…”
San, “I hate who I am. And passing it on to a helpless baby…? I can’t live with that.”

San, “The kid is better off not being mine.”

Meryll, “Turd! You just don’t wanna change dirty diapers!”
San, “And smell like baby poop all day? Sick.”

i intended on making that a bit longer buuuut my camera was dying.

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