Reevaluating the Solution

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

man i can’t wait for my new glasses :/ just shooting this totally exhausted my eyes e_____e i ended up getting a pair of bifocals, which should help considerably both with taking pictures and doing face-ups, so i’m pretty impatient lol :B

Alister, “Come on, please pick up!!”

“This is Sparrow, I’m not here! Leave a message!”

Alister, “Answer your damn phone!!”

Sparrow, “Goodness, Allie. You kiss your pillow with that mouth?”
Alister, “S-Sparrow!!”

Alister, “Where have you been? Why didn’t you call?”

Sparrow, “I was only gone for like a day. Relax!”
Alister, “THREE days! I’ve been really worried!”

Alister, “Y-your hair!”
Sparrow, “Did Teddy leave already?”

Alister, “Um, about that… There’s something you should know… They’re not–”

Sparrow, “Oh my! Did they break up?”
Alister, “Well not exactly, I mean… Chase and I…”

Sparrow, “YOU broke them up?! Allie! I am shocked and appalled!”
Alister, “No, I–!”

Sparrow, “We should send flowers! ‘Sorry for being such a man-ho’ sort of thing.”
Alister, “But that’s not what–”

Alister, “. . .”

Sparrow, “Thanks, Beb.”

Sparrow, “You have his office number in here, right?”
Alister, “Are you sure it’s ok to just call his office? I mean–”

Sparrow, “Hello! Yes, I would like to know Doctor Gaites’s home address, please.”
Alister, [sigh]

Sparrow, “Why? I would like to send him some flowers!”
“I’m sorry, but we aren’t permitted to give personal information on our physicians.”

Sparrow, “I’m a close personal friend! How dare you–”
“Wait, Sparrow?? How are you feeling? This is Chase!”

Sparrow, “Who…? Oh, of course! Hello! Yes, I’m fine.”
Alister, “Is it Chase? Let me talk to–!”

Alister, “Auggggggh…”
Sparrow, “Nope, sorry. He’s in the restroom right now. Oh? Yes, that’s fine!”

Sparrow, “That would be splendid, thank you! I’ll let him know. Bye! Thanks!”

Alister, “What did she say?”
Sparrow, “She’s going on lunch soon, so she’ll call you in a couple of minutes.”

Alister, “Oh, um… ok.”
Sparrow, “Well, toodles!”

Alister, “Wait! Where are you going??”
Sparrow, “I haven’t eaten in three days, I’m starving!”

Alister, “Do you want me to make you something?”
Sparrow, “I’m fine, Allie. Have fun with your girlfriend.”

[happy music]
Alister, “Ah!”

Alister, “Chase! Hey!”
“Hey there, handsome!”

“I was thinking… I have some free time tonight. Edmund says you have a webcam?”
Alister, “Yeah, let’s do a video chat! It would be great to see your face again!”

“Oh, I have more to show you than just my face!”

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