Not Easily Offended

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

this should have gone before the last photostory but i was blonde and did them out of order :B this story is pretty short but its main purpose was just to have fun with character interactions. also to make fun of them.

warning for naughty words and naughty jokes. scandalized gasp!

Talia, “I don’t know why you’re obsessing over it.”

Seraph, “It just bothers me.”
Talia, “Well, I don’t see why. It’s not a big deal.”

Seraph, “But he–“
Talia, “Put that damn thing away!”

Seraph, “It’s not lit. Get off my case.”
Talia, “Only because you put it out when I came in!”

Seraph, “So? You’re interrupting my ‘me’ time. What do you expect?”
Talia, “It’s gross!”

Seraph, “I don’t remember asking for Your Majesty’s input.”
Talia, “Just put it away, Seraph.”

Seraph, “Hnnnnn…”
Talia, “Don’t you dare!”

Talia, “You put that in your mouth, and you’re not getting any for a week.”

Seraph, “It’s. Not. Even. Lit.”
Talia, “You’re just jealous because he got to Chase first.”

Seraph, “Bah, it just doesn’t make sense!”
Talia, “So what if he likes Gwen? He’s a guy! Chase is closer and willing to put out.”

Seraph, “Not that! I mean, I’m not losing my charm, am I???”
Talia, “Oh… I would say you’re just as charming as ever…”

Talia, “Maybe you weren’t trying hard enough. Did you wear your low-cut top?”
Seraph, “Nah… I didn’t want to pull out the big guns too soon.”

Talia, “It all comes down to your boobs. Of course.”
Seraph, “Hell yes, it does.”

Talia, “You’re almost as bad as San.”
Seraph, “What?! That’s a low blow!!”

Talia, “Haha, if we’re still talking about San there’s nothing to blow!”
Seraph, “Ha!”
San, “HEY!”

San, “I’m right here incase you assholes forgot!!”

Seraph, “Hahahahahaha!”
San, “Ha-ha, guys. It wasn’t that funny!! Stop laughing!!”

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