Tea Time With Piper

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

this is totally not part of the storyline at all.

sorry piper and violet don’t have face-ups yet 😛 i’m having problems getting the freckles to look right on such tiny faces.

violet belongs to keishi-chan!

Piper, “Casper, would you like some tea?”

Casper, “♥~!!”
Piper, “Casper!! Don’t sit on the table!!”

Piper, “You’re supposed to sit in the chair! Don’t put your butt where the food goes!”

Piper, “Hi Violet! Do you want some tea?”

Violet, “Can baby have some tea, too?”
Piper, “Ummm I guess!”

Devlin, “Hey, do I get some tea??”

Piper, “No! You’re in the potty!!”
Casper, “♫~~~”

Devlin, “Whatever. I don’t want to play your sissy tea game.”

Piper, “Well you aren’t invited! So there!”

Piper, “Casper, get off the table!”
Casper, [siiiiiigh]

Casper, “₪…”
Piper, “Well you wanted hooves so it’s not my fault.”

Piper, “Do you guys want cookies?”

Devlin, “Hey, can I have cookies???”
Piper, “NO! You’re in the potty!!!”

Devlin, “Grr…”

Piper, “Here are the cups!”

Violet, “Thank you!”
Piper, “This one is yours, Casper.”

Piper, “I have to get mine.”

Devlin, “Hey, why is this toilet paper fake plastic on here?”

Piper, “You’re not supposed to potty in there! Ew!”
Violet, “Hehehe! Casper, you’re funny!”

Piper, “Huh?”

Piper, “Casperrrrr!”

lol i just wanted to take pics of them really badly but had no ideas. so we tossed this together really quick. although then the one i wanted to take pics of the most (violet) ended up being the one i took pics of the least. what gives?

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