Like Bunnies

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sorry if you guys were expecting an easter photostory over the weekend. i somewhat meant to do one but i saved getting stories ready for the april fools thing until the last minute (so i had no time to get an easter story done beforehand), and then visited casey on friday (and got home at 2am friday night) which kind of killed any energy i had for easterstorymakinz over the weekend.

quite a few of these are not quite focused :/ my eyes have been complete crap, but thankfully i have an eye appt coming up (not for 3 weeks still though, sigh) but in the meantime, blurry pics. sorry if the story is a little rushed, too, i had to cut out a few in-between pics that were a bit too blurry.

Seraph, “So… you guys AREN’T dating?”
Chase, “Nah. He’s just my boss kind of.”

Seraph, “Why would you agree to something like that??”
Chase, “I dunno… Sparrow seems odd. I don’t think I trust her.”

Seraph, “Yeah. She’s got some issues, that’s for sure.”
Chase, “Just don’t tell Edmund you know.”

Seraph, “I swear on my stash of Vodka!”
Chase, “It’s been pretty funny making him uncomfortable!”

Edmund, “What are you ladies up to over here?”
Chase, “Teddybear! We were going to watch House. Wanna join us?”

Edmund, “Eh, I suppose.”
Chase, “Huh?? You love this show. What’s with you?”

Seraph, “Tell me, Chase, are you into the prettyboy Aussie or the black dude?”
Chase, “I’d have to say neither.”

Chase, “If I had to choose any of them I’d have to say I’m more into Wilson.”
Seraph, “Whaaaaaat… Seriously? Out of all of them?”
Edmund, “. . .”

Chase, “I’m guessing you’re into Thirteen.”
Seraph, “Mmm, she wouldn’t know what hit her.”

Edmund, “You’re, ah… You’re into girls?”

Seraph, “What of it? Want a threesome? I’ve been trying to talk your girlfriend into it all weekend.”
Chase, “She really has.”
Edmund, “. . .”

Edmund, “Be strong, Edmund…”

Alister, “Hey guys!”
Edmund, “Help! The women are toying with my head!”
Chase, “Did you finish your letter?”

Alister, “Hahaha I did!”
Edmund, “Oh yeah? Next time tell her to use email.”

Chase, “Good for you! When are you mailing it?”
Alister, “Tomorrow.”

Alister, “Have any of you talked to Sparrow? I haven’t seen her since yesterday.”
Chase, “Haven’t seen her.”
Edmund, “…Same.”

Chase, “What’s with you?”
Edmund, “Nothing.”

Chase, “Aww, Teddybear… Tell me!”
Edmund, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Chase, “Do I have to force it out of you…?”
Edmund, “Stop. I said I didn’t want to talk about it.”

Chase, “Come onnnn~!”
Edmund, “Chase, please, you don’t need to do this.”

Edmund, “Chase, don’t– AH! Chase, no! Not my ear–!”
Chase, “Mmmmm tell me or suffer…!”

Alister, “I have to go.”
Edmund, “Alister?”

Edmund, “…I wonder what that was all about.”

Edmund, “I should go check on him.”

Chase, “Edmund, wait!”

Edmund, “Why??”
Chase, “Um, you’re in such a cranky mood. I’ll check on him, you watch your show.”

Edmund, “Ok…?”
Chase, “I’ll be back in a bit!”

Edmund, “. . .”

Seraph, “Hi!”
Edmund, “Oh, you.”

Seraph, “So… how long have you and Chase been an item?”
Edmund, “Ah… A while… I suppose…”

Seraph, “Hm… Think Alister is the type to move in on somebody’s girl?”

Edmund, “Move in on… What? That’s ridiculous. No.”
Seraph, “Ahh, I was just curious.”

Seraph, “D’ya like vodka, Edmund?”


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