Pop Goes the Weasel, pt.2

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

make sure you read the other photostory posted today before this one!!

Meryll, “Nnnngh…”

Meryll, “Oof!”

Meryll, “Ahh, hello mister cookie!”

Meryll, “Hm hm hm~~”

Meryll, “…Mreh?”

Meryll, “Yougottabekiddinme…”

Meryll, “Friffin boof…”

Meryll, “Hnnn…”

Meryll, “Nnnnnnnngh…”

Meryll, “Comeonnnnnnnnn…”

Meryll, “Yush!”

Meryll, “Fufufu, I win.”

Meryll, “Ah!”

Meryll, “Noooo you stupid baby!”

Meryll, “Don’t make me stick you in a corner!”

lol you guys are more gullible than i thought. happy april fools day… 😛

the book is harry potter (order of the phoenix) and is actually in french because the etsy shop didn’t have them in english. BUT, fun fact, meryll is coincidentally bilingual and her first language was french. not that it pops up in photostories often (ie: ever) but hey. now you know. (although i think anybody who read my nanowrimo would know)

and of course the cookies are from the extremely awesome aiclay!!

aaaand damn, i seriously wasn’t expecting so many people to fall for the other photostory haha

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