None of Your Business

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

This is the first photostory I’ve done on my own. If you follow Beneath the Midnight Sun, you’ll probably recognize Edmund and Chase from their recent guest appearances. 🙂 As a reference, Morrow is a goodly god that some of our characters worship (as mendokusai mentioned recently). I hope you all enjoy it, and I hope to do more soon. 🙂 — keishi-chan

Chase: You’ve been unusually wound up since we got back.
Edmund: I’m trying to work here.

Chase: You’ve been staring at that same page for the last twenty minutes. And you’ve been swearing under your breath.
Edmund: [Dammit…]

Chase: Like that. You haven’t written anything down, you don’t even have a pen.
Edmund: [Sigh]

Edmund: Did you have a reason for bothering me? Or can I get back to work?
Chase: I just wondered…Is Sparrow your ex or something?

Edmund: Not really, no.
Chase: Whatever.

Edmund: Look, there’s no denying she’s extremely attractive, but I’m not sure the feelings were ever really mutual. I don’t know if she really has relationships like normal people.
Chase: But you slept with her.

Edmund: …Well, yeah. Unfortunately.
Chase: Uh-huh…

Edmund: Okay, fine, multiple times. I guess I read more into it than there was. She rang me up for a coffee one day. I sat for two hours and she never showed. I didn’t hear anything from her for weeks, and then suddenly she called Alister from Canada, of all places. He just packed up and left, and I hadn’t seen either of them till this last weekend.
Chase: Sounds like you’re still hung up on her.

Edmund: That woman could burn, and I wouldn’t care.
Chase: Hmm, yeah, I really believe that, seeing as how she OD’ed this weekend and now you’re all stressed out.

Edmund: Can we not talk about this anymore?
Chase: Fine.

*ring ring*
Chase: Ah!

Chase: Hey, how’s things? Is your sister doing better?

Edmund: Is that Alister?
Chase: It’s not for you, go away.

Chase: Hmm? No, it’s just Edmund. Listen, can I call you back in a few? — Yep, you too. Bye.

Edmund: Is Sparrow–?
Chase: I thought you didn’t care? And anyway, it wasn’t Alister, it was Fenrys.

Edmund: …Did you tell Alister about Fenrys?
Chase: What’s there to tell?

Edmund: I don’t know, maybe something like, “Sure, I’d love to date you, but I need to wrap things up with this other bloke I’ve been slutting around with for Morrow only knows how long”?

Chase: Fenrys and I are just friends. We only sleep together when we’re both single, because it’s convenient. But I don’t see how that’s any of your business.

Edmund: Alister is fragile, Chase. I don’t want to see him get hurt.

Chase: He’s your friend, I get it. But he’s an adult, and he may not be as fragile as you think.

Edmund: I just–
Chase: Don’t be a killjoy, Edmund.

Edmund: [Sigh…]

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