Present Company Excluded

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i’m really glad i’ve had this story done for a couple of weeks, cuz while working on photostories has been a welcome distraction from all the stress i’ve got going on right now, it was still nice to have a break.

a little more jumping again… this is… umm we’ll say 3-4 days after chase went home, and thursday’s story will have been a week. sorry to not be filling in the gaps, but i promise it’ll be worth it next week or something. and then the week after that there will be some dramatic climaxification, and then after that you guys may or may not be rioting against me.

Jael, “Wow, Miss Gwen! Where is everybody?”
Gwen, “I’m not sure…”

Gwen, “Maybe they didn’t know to expect us?”

Jael, “This one will use his RADAR SENSES to find the master!”

Gwen, “Okay. Have fun, Jael.”

Alister, “Gwen!”
Gwen, “. . .”

Gwen, “Mister Alister… How nice to see you.”

Alister, “You’re here! Gabe said not to expect you until tomorrow!”
Gwen, “Ahh… I’m sorry.”

Alister, “Err, you… you look tired. Would you like a drink? Or something to eat?”
Gwen, “I would perhaps just like to rest a little.”

Alister, “Sure, let’s go have a seat.”
Gwen, “I…”

Gwen, “…Yes, ok…”

Alister, “How was your vacation?”
Gwen, “It was dreadful.”

Alister, “What??? It couldn’t have been THAT bad…?”
Gwen, “I suppose it really wasn’t quite that dreadful.”

Alister, “You didn’t sound upset in your letter. What went wrong?”
Gwen, “It was very beautiful there, but some… things happened. Bad things.”

Alister, “Is that why you stopped writing?”
Gwen, “. . .”

Gwen, “Mister Alister…!”
Alister, “What are you doing–?!”

Alister, “…Ah, wait…!”

Gwen, [sigh] “As I thought, it’s not the same.”
Alister, “Um… Gwen, I…”

Alister, “I really… I think we need to talk about–“
Gwen, “I’m sorry, Mister Alister. You’re very sweet, and before we left, I wanted…”

Gwen, “I’m sorry, but I can’t love you like you want me to!”

Alister, “I, uh… What?? Oh, Gwen…”

Alister, “I… don’t want you to love me.”

Gwen, “But you–“
Alister, “I was trying to tell you… I have a girlfriend now.”

Gwen, “You do?! But that means…”

Alister, “Sorry, I didn’t really know how to tell you… I thought you still… y’know…”

Gwen, “I’m so happy for you! This is such a relief!”
Alister, “Heh, thanks…”

Gwen, “You have to tell me all about her!”
Alister, “Maybe later. Did you meet somebody, too?”

Gwen, “Oh… Yes, I suppose I did…”

Alister, “…Gwen? What’s wrong?”

Gwen, “His name was Johnathan. He… Only he… wasn’t what he said he was.”
Alister, “What do you mean?”

Gwen, “He was sweet and charming, but… things went very wrong.”

Gwen, “You see, Gabriel has been trespassing on somebody else’s domain.”

Gwen, “The other god is cruel, and it seems that he’d finally found us.”

Gwen, “Johnathan was… he was sent to find Gabe and kill him.”
Alister, “Oh… That’s terrible, I’m so sorry…”

Gwen, “At first, Gabriel just tried to defend and talk him out of fighting.”

Gwen, “But… Johnathan was… very determined to fight…”

Gwen, “It was frightening. I’d never seen anything like it.”

Gwen, “I hope I never see Gabriel like that again. It was… it was unlike him.”

Gwen, “There was magic flying everywhere, so I hid and prayed nobody would be hurt.”

Gwen, “And then… Johnathan screamed…”

Gwen, “Gabriel had… reflected one of his spells back at him, and…”

Gwen, “I couldn’t believe what had happened. My legs felt so heavy.”

Gwen, “Gabriel had… won. But instead of being happy, I felt very sad.”

Gwen, “I was relieved that it was over, but I… Johnathan had become very dear to me.”

Gwen, “We’re safe now, he said. Like he expected me to be glad.”

Gwen, “But a man was… he was… I don’t understand why it had to happen that way.”

Alister, “I’m sorry, Gwen. It sounds like it worked out for the best, though.”
Gwen, “This is a wretched existence, being made to love but having nobody.”

Alister, “You just need to find the right person. I’m sorry it’s not very easy.”
Gwen, “Do you think that you have found your right person?”

Alister, “I… Well, actually… Yeah, I think I have.”

Gwen, “Then… I’m glad at least one of us has.”

wow, longest story i’ve done in a while o_o;;; yay johnathan actually gets his own face in this story! lol rather than have gabe standing in, torren was nice enough to lend me her breakaway, timothy, to play some cameos.

there’s a dumb and pointless video that i took while we were getting ready to shoot this, if you haven’t seen it yet.

fffffffffffffffffff i’m exhausted, time to pass out for a bit i think ._______.;; and cori has to take the car in so packages might have to be mailed tomorrow, depending on how long it takes them to fix whatever’s wrong with it :/

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