Hostile Hospitality

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

the photostories will be jumping in time a bit. obviously this is the day chase is leaving, not the extra day she got off work. i’d love to be filling in all the gaps but i’d also like for meryll to stop being pregnant sometime before she STARTED being pregnant :B

sorry these pics get kind of dark

Chase, “I think I’m going to break up with Alister.”
Seraph, “What? Have you gone nuts?”

Chase, “Things are getting too… involved. I just–“
Seraph, “What’s that? You want me to punch you in the face?”

Chase, “Be serious.”
Seraph, “See, you keep talking, but all I’m hearing is ‘Please punch me in the face’.”

Seraph, “How about I sum up the conversation we’re about to have.”

Seraph, “Oh! Seraph! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been but I just can’t stand it!”
Chase, “Oh, come on.”

Seraph, “He’s just TOO NICE OF A GUY. I can’t be happy! I just can’t!”

Chase, “…Are you done?”
Seraph, “Even though it’ll completely shatter his little heart, I just HAVE to do it!”

Seraph, “Then I’d punch you in the face. Hard. But I’d feel terrible about it, honest.”
Chase, “It’s not like that.”

Seraph, “Great timing, here come the boys!”
Chase, [sigh] “Great.”

Alister, “Well, your bags are loaded up and ready to go.”
Seraph, “What a NICE GUY!”

Alister, “Is everything ok?”
Chase, “Yeah, just fine.”

Alister, “I’ll miss you a lot.”
Chase, “…Yeah.”

Alister, “Are you sure you’re ok?”
Chase, “Yes. Stop asking.”

Fenrys, “You’re lucky Loren was nice enough to watch Dahlia for an extra day.”
Chase, “Oh please, it’s not like she’s much trouble.”
Seraph, “Who?”

Fenrys, “My little sister. My cousin watches her for me sometimes.”
Seraph, “Oh. From what Chase has said about you, I figured she was your kid.”

Fenrys, “I’m smarter than that. Besides, I’m not interested in humans.”
Seraph, “Uh-huh…”

Seraph, “Chase, your roommate is a bit of a bastard.”
Chase, “I’d say he could hear you, but he already knows.”

Chase, “He’s rarely serious, though.”
Seraph, “Didn’t the two of you have a thing? How is he not interested in humans?”

Alister, “Did you have to bring that up??”
Chase, “Fen, where are you going?”

Meryll, “You take these, ok? Don’t drop any of them.”

Meryll, “Wynnie, you take the other half of the plushies.”

Meryll, “Hurry up before Alice yells at me again for not being in bed.”

Fenrys, “Well, hello there.”
Brodwyn, “…Hi.

Fenrys, “I’m Fenrys Shyeel, and you are…?”

Brodwyn, “Brodwyn.
Fenrys, “Just Brodwyn? No family?”

Brodwyn, “No.
Fenrys, “I see. Nice to meet you, Brodwyn.”

Fenrys, “You have beautiful hands. May I?”

Fenrys, “Hmm… As I thought. I know this brand.”

Fenrys, “Do you know what this means? The scar on the back of your hand.”

Brodwyn, “…Yes.
Fenrys, “I’ve studied people like you, they’re typically highly volatile.”

Fenrys, “You’re mellower than I was expecting… I must say, you are quite lovely.”
Brodwyn, “Thank you.

Fenrys, “Oh, hello. Where did you come from?”
Brodwyn, “Linus…

Fenrys, “Aren’t you a strange little fellow? Hmm…”

Fenrys, “What’s that look for? You need to relax, friend.”

Fenrys, “AH!” [CRACK!]

Fenrys, “Shit! What was that for?!”

Fenrys, “I think my nose is broken!”
Brodwyn, “Linus!

i haven’t done her scar on the new body yet, but if you forgot about it (or never noticed it in the first place, i try not to focus on it) here it is:

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