One in a Million

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

amanda was over on tuesday, and we worked on this together. (ok, mostly her, because i am extremely lazy have kids home for the summer and family visiting from out of town, so i haven’t had a chance to work on it before now.) she posed dolls and took pics while i was feeding the baby, so they’re nicer than they would otherwise have been. enjoy. 🙂 — keishi-chan

Fenrys: So you’re pretty serious about this guy, huh?
Chase: What are you going on about now?

Fenrys: Well… you’ve been with him longer than I’ve seen you with any other guy.
Chase: That doesn’t mean I’m serious.

Chase: To be fair, though, he’s not an asshole like some other guys I’ve been with.
Fenrys: Oh… I think that stung a little. Ouch.

Fenrys: Y’know, I still think you should let me set you up with my cousin…

Chase: …Grow up, Fenrys.
Fenrys: Seriously, you two would be pretty hot together.

Edmund: Oh hey, are you packing for Alister’s?

Fenrys: Well, well, well… If it isn’t Doctorpuss–
Edmund: Really? What are you, twelve?

Fenrys: Give or take a couple inches.
Edmund: I just got home from a long day at work… what have you done today?

Chase: If you guys start pissing on things to mark territory, I’m getting my knife.
Fenrys: Careful, now. We don’t want Edmund to have bad dreams.

Edmund: [sigh] I’ve got something for Allie. Do you have room in your bag?
Chase: Yeah, just hurry up so I can finish packing.

Fenrys: So how long are you going to be gone?
Chase: Um… I dunno, a few days. I have to be back to work on Monday.

Fenrys: Alright, I’ll call Loren and drop Dahlia off for the weekend, then.

Chase: Thank you so much for giving me a ride and everything.
Fenrys: Anytime, you don’t have to ask.

Edmund: Here we are.
Fenrys: Wow, you folded them and everything? Did you sprinkle them with lavender?

Chase: Please behave while I’m gone. For me?
Fenrys: I’m telling you, Mat, the man is gay.

Edmund: You’re seriously leaving me here alone with him?
Chase: He’s just playing, you should know that by now.

Fenrys: Hey… your little friend had better not screw this up.
Edmund: Pardon?

Fenrys: This is the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time.
Edmund: Hm… I suppose…

Edmund: Alister’s a good bloke though, he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.
Fenrys: How’s he at kissing?

Edmund: Well, I…

Edmund: …What?? How would I know??
Fenrys: That is an excellent question.

say it fast, like octopus – doctorpuss. XD

so now we get to meet a new character, fenrys! make sure to check out the wiki to get to know him better, and while you’re there, stop by the forums to say hi!

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