Any Excuse is a Good Excuse, pt.2

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sorry for skipping last week’s photostories, i hurt my hand (but it’s considerably better now). i kind of wish i hadn’t skipped though cuz i definitely would have rather skipped this week instead, and don’t want to skip two in a row T_T;;; (if you know why, please have the common courtesy to keep it to yourself, thank you)

i also apologize for the fact that this is crazy short x_x also sorry if the jokes in this fall a little flat, i was not really much in the mood to write comedy but this was the next story planned so i didn’t have much of a choice 😛

Seraph, “Hey Mer, what’re you up to in here?”
Meryll, “I’m working on a playlist to listen to while I’m having my baby!”

Seraph, “Oh… People do that?”
Meryll, “Yeah! Wanna help?”

Seraph, “Sure, why not.”
Meryll, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Seraph, “Of course not, I love when my ears bleed rainbows…”

Meryll, “Well it’s not like your old lady hillbilly music, geez.”
Seraph, “Wh-what?!”

Seraph, “Old…!? You little–!”
Meryll, “Yeah! Like wandering around the grocery store talking to a can of beans!”

Seraph, “…It is WAY too early in the morning to be punching pregnant women.”

Meryll, “Pffffft, all your music is from like before I was born!”
Seraph, “Right. Maybe that’s the problem with kids today.”

Meryll, “Furries and emo jeans?”
Seraph, “No, being born.”

Seraph, “Listen, Mer, I think we need to talk.”

Seraph, “San told me you’re thinking about naming your kid after me.”
Meryll, “Yeah?”

Seraph, “I’m… flattered, but I dunno if I’m really comfortable with that.”
Meryll, “Why?”

Seraph, “Well, y’know, there are reasons I go by a fake one…”
Meryll, “Yeah I guess……..”

Meryll, [siiiigh] “I just wanted to name her after somebody special to me…”
Seraph, “Sorry, Mer.”

Meryll, “I mean, you’re like my mom… and… and… you’re always there for me…”
Seraph, “…Uh-huh……”

Meryll, “And you’re so caring… and pretty… and nice…”
Seraph, “Right. I love ya, Mer, but I suspect that you’re a bit crazy in the face.”

Meryll, “Awwwwwww, but–“
Seraph, “If you say one word about little alien babies, Imma have to smack you.”

seraph as a mom would be more likely to dole out pistol whippinz instead of spankings. tough love. and lots of hospital visits. “accidents” officer, i swearz.

if i were a curious reader wondering how old seraph is, what her real name is, and what kind of music she listens to… i would perhaps check out the wiki! it’s like magic!

also i found seraph’s heart pendant (obviously), hoorayz! it was stolen by gremlins, trufax.

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