Turn Your Head and Cough

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

sarah is over visiting this week so i’ll be pretty slow replying to comments, sorry :B

Gabe, “I mean, I didn’t trust Johnathan from the start, but…”
Vult, “I can understand that, though. I didn’t trust you for a while.”

Gabe, “Exactly. But Gwen was happier having somebody around, and I was pretty busy.”
Vult, “Then what was the problem?”

Gabe, “I got a message from Kafka…”
Vult, “Your sister? What’s she up to?”

Gabe, “She said I was in danger and had to hide.”
Vult, “What? Seriously? Why?”

Gabe, “Turns out Johnathan was only using Gwen to get closer to me… to kill me.”
Vult, “What???”

Gabe, “It was too late, though. I was forced to fight him, and…”

Gabe, “Are you expecting company?”
Vult, “Oh… Yeah, Alister’s girlfriend.”

Gabe, “Alister’s what?”
Vult, “Come on, I’ll introduce you.”

Chase, “Happy Anniversary!”
Alister, “I can’t believe it’s been two months already!”

Alister, “Sorry I didn’t get you anything…”
Chase, “It’s ok. We’ll work on your punishment later.”

Chase, “In the meantime, I was thinking we could do a fun little picnic.”
Alister, “Oh, outdoor… things. Yeah, that’ll be… fun.”

Chase, “Mmm… and then I got you a present for later…”
Alister, “Y-you did??”

Chase, “This cute little nurse outfit, but… I think it might be a little too tight…”
Alister, “Ah…….. haha…”
Vult, “Hey guys!”

Vult, “Are we interrupting?”
Alister, “N-no!”

Vult, “Chase, this is Gabe, Meryll’s boyfriend.”
Gabe, “Hey. I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Alister.”

Alister, “Err–“
Chase, “Oh, I’ve heard about you! …Do you always walk around that shirtless?”

Gabe, “Only on Tuesdays.”
Vult, “How was your drive?”

Chase, “I slept while my roommate drove. His music is painfully boring.”
Alister, “Nnngh…”

Chase, “Don’t be a grump. Fenrys is a nice guy if you just give him a chance.”
Alister, “Maybe if he’d stop accusing me of staring at his butt…”

Vult, “Right… Well, we’ll leave you guys alone. Seeya.”
Gabe, “Nice meeting you.”

Gabe, “Hmm… Wanna play some Guitar Hero?”
Vult, “Is that like choosing your own sentence, or what?”
Chase, “Oh! Can I play?”

Vult, “…You want to play Guitar Hero…?”
Chase, “Yeah, it sounds pretty cool. I’ve always wanted to try it.”

Vult, “It’s not really all THAT cool…”
Gabe, “Really you’re just… y’know… hitting buttons a lot.”

Chase, “Well I can do that. I’m very dexterous.”
Vult, “It’s just–“

Chase, “Tell them, Alister. I have dexterous fingers!”
Gabe, [AHEM!]

Chase, “Unless you want to skip the socializing and just go play doctor…?”
Alister, “UHHHHHHH……”
Vult, “Augh! Keep your mental images to yourself!”

speaking of guitar hero, izzy sparks… TOTALLY looks like robert pattinson. yes. even if you don’t see it, you will never get that image out of your mind. heeeehehehehehehe.

and hey don’t forget about that contest 😀 i still won’t be giving any details yet (keep an eye out next week) but hop on over to the wiki, sign up for a wikidot account, and join in on some of the discussions in the forums… maybe start some of your own!

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