Get Your Muffin On

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

hmm my photostories are getting shorter and shorter lately x___x

this is just something random and silly though, totally not part of the storyline at all. i would have used mendo for this, but this is partially for sweetkitties27 because she’s doing some sewing for me n_n and she likes alister, so i used him lol

this is not really all that funny. i’ve been in a bit of a rut lately and have had a hard time getting the creative juices going.

Piper, “Watch out, Casper! Don’t stand so close!”

Alister, “Hey, kids!”
Piper, “Mister Alister!”

Alister, “What are you two up to?”
Piper, “Just playing.”

Piper, “Do you want to play too?”
Alister, “Maybe, those muffins look good!”

Piper, “Ah! Casper! Don’t put your face in there!”

Piper, “Watch out! I have to put these inside!”

Alister, “So you guys are playing house? Are you a ballerina?”

Piper, “Noooo, I’m Mama!”
Alister, “…Ah. Who is Cas supposed to be?”

Piper, “He’s um… He’s a pony I think.”

Devlin, “Hi guys.”

Alister, “Hey, Dev! Who are you dressed as? Gabe?”

Devlin, “What are you talking about…?”

because gabe’s always walking around shirtless hurr hurr :B *tomato’d*

(nevermind that none of them are wearing shirts. shut up.)

alister’s thought process: “your mama? she cooks topless…?” *mental faint/nosebleed*

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