The Benefit of Being the Village Idiot

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

whut a photostory? lol :B man i’ve been itching to post this so bad.

TIME JUMP WHOOSH! there are quite a few things that have been skipped over due to us all being lazy and not writing anything for the past however long, AND NONE OF IT IS EXPLAINED ANYTIME SOON YAY. eventually though, i promise.

Vult, “I’m not even going to bother answering such a ridiculous question.”

Meryll, “Why not??”
Vult, “Because it’s just stupid! Zombies are overdone and unoriginal anymore.”

Vult, “Now, if a huge trench opened up in the yard with a giant squid coming out…?”
Meryll, “A what??? That’s just dumb, turdface!”

Meryll, “Come on! If you got attacked, who would you use as a shield??”
Vult, “Why would something that isn’t alive need to eat something to STAY ALIVE??”

Alister, “Actually, zombies originally were normal people inflicted with a poison.”

Vult, “Oh… Hey, Alister.”
Alister, “A paralytic administered through a wound and carried through the bloodstream.”

Vult, “Something tells me you’d be the first target in a zombie apocalypse.”
Meryll, “Whatcha up to, Alice?”

Alister, “Nothing.”
Meryll, “Hey! When is Chase coming to visit again??”

Alister, “Soon. She’s coming to visit for our two month anniversary.”
Meryll, “Oouuu! Two months is like– Eugh…”

Meryll, “Nnnnnnnngh, Vult…”
Vult, “Yes, Your Fatty-ness?”

Meryll, “I need help being nosey!”
Vult, [sigh…]

Meryll, “Oof! Thanks!”
Vult, “Mhmm…”

Meryll, “So what’d you get her?”
Alister, “What? Like… a present?”

Meryll, “For your anniversary!”
Alister, “Oh… Uh… N-nothing?”

Meryll, “Ohhhhhh…”
Alister, “Is that bad??”
Vult, “Knock it off, Mer.”

Vult, “It’s just a couple of months. Nobody expects a–”

Meryll, “Oouuu! Me! I’ll get it!!”

Meryll, “Haaaaalp…”
Vult, “What am I, slave for the day…?”


Meryll, “Coming~! I’m coming~!”

Alister, “Should I really get her something?”
Vult, “What? Nah…”

Vult, “Just get some flowers or something and you’ll be fine.”

Alister, “What was that?!”
Vult, “If it’s a bunch of zombies, they’ll be sorely disappointed.”

next story: The Exhilarating Exploits of Dennis the Giant Squid! cling desperately to the edge of your seat as he terrorizes toddlers, demolishes democracy, pulverizes puppies, and warms the hearts of America with his charming smile and his unbridled passion for catchy upbeat pop tunes about the roller coasters of teenage romance!

– yes, meryll is bigger.
– yes, she is also lower.
– yes, alister and chase have been together for two months now.
– who’s at the door? prolly a buttload of chocolate bunnies or something.
– what’s alister reading? a book. derp derp.
– derp derp derp.
– meow.

hey have you checked out the new wiki? have you checked out the FORUMS ON THE NEW WIKI?!?!?! why not?????? you make me sad.

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