Drop the Remainder

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i’ve had a few people asking how long sparrow has been taking his meds, and/or saying they’re shocked that alister would just tell her where they were. all i can say is that obviously she’s been taking them for a long time and for whatever reason he’s ok with it. it should also be noted that, as it’s been briefly mentioned a few times by edmund, she takes alister’s anti-depressants. the meds that went “missing” were his benzodiazepines, and alister would NOT be ok with her using them, because he is dependent on them, as we’ve seen.

just wanted to clear that up cuz i’m not sure how clear it is in the stories.

Sparrow, “Nnnngh…”

Alister, “You’re awake!”

Sparrow, “Don’t… Please don’t let go…”

Alister, “I….”

Alister, “Of course. If that’s what you want, I’ll… I’ll never let go.”

Sparrow, “Ohhh I feel terrible…”

Edmund, “What do you expect? I had to pump your stomach.”
Sparrow, “…Wha…?”

Edmund, “How are you feeling? Do you need anything?”

Sparrow, “What are you doing here??”
Edmund, “…I’m sorry?? You seemed fine with it a moment ago.”

Sparrow, “Why am I wearing this??”
Edmund, “So you wouldn’t vomit on your clothes.”

Sparrow, “Where’s Allie??”
Edmund, “…He’s busy.”

Edmund, “And I saved you, didn’t I? Though I’m starting to have second thoughts.”

Sparrow, “Well nobody asked you to.”
Edmund, “What’s that supposed to mean??”

Sparrow, “Get out.”
Edmund, “Did you WANT to die?? Because that’s what would have happened!”

Edmund, “Whatever, Sparrow. I’m leaving.”

Sparrow, “Tell Alister to come here.”
Edmund, “No. He doesn’t know what happened.”

Edmund, “If you want to die so badly, you can rot in here by yourself.”

Edmund, “. . .”

Sparrow, “I thought you were leaving?”
Edmund, “…Why did you take them?”

Sparrow, “I just didn’t want to be sad. Why does anybody take–“
Edmund, “I’m not talking about the anti-depressants. Why did you take his benzos??”

Sparrow, “I’m not telling you anything.”
Edmund, “I know you weren’t using them. Did you sell them? Do you need money??”

Sparrow, “Money?! Please, Teddy, don’t make me laugh.”
Edmund, “Then why???”

Sparrow, “What makes you so sure I didn’t–“

Sparrow, “Because I LOVE him, ok? Are you happy?”

Edmund, “That’s a pretty messed up way of showing it, then.”
Sparrow, “Go to Hell, Edmund.”

Edmund, “…Hold on… You don’t mean…?”

Edmund, “You don’t… You can’t be serious.”
Sparrow, “I said GET OUT, Edmund.”

Edmund, “So everything with me…”

Edmund, “…All of it? You… You felt nothing at all?”

Edmund, “Then what the hell was all of this? Just a cry for attention?”

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