Complicating the Equation

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

hmm this photostory is a little zzzzzzzzzz sorry. it was more interesting in my head, but once i started typing up the dialogue for the pics i realized it was kind of dull đŸ˜¡ i’m a bit burnt out on the drama i guess so that might be why. but there’s still a bit more to trudge through before i can get done with it.


Edmund, “Ok, I’m back. Sorry for the wait. I made the mistake of taking your sister along.”

Edmund, “I think she’s high, actually. Is she still taking your anti-depressants?”

Edmund, “……Alister?”

Alister, “Sorry… What?”

Edmund, “Ah… What are you doing?”
Alister, “I’m, uh… I’m writing a letter.”

Edmund, “A letter or a novel? How many pages is this thing?”
Alister, “You think it’s too long?”

Edmund, “It’s just unlike you to be so verbose. Those must be some good drugs.”
Alister, “Oh, uh…. heh…”

Edmund, “This is kind of mushy. Who’s it for?”

Alister, “Oh! There’s this girl… Her name is Gwen. I think I like her a lot!”

Edmund, “Your hair looks horrible. What have you been doing?”
Alister, “Oh, uh……”

Edmund, “We need to talk about your–“
Sparrow, “Allie…?”

Sparrow, “Oh. Hi, Teddy.”

Edmund, “We’ll talk later.”
Alister, “Huh? Where are you going?”

Edmund, “I just need some air.”

Alister, “…Sparrow? What’s going on?”

Sparrow, “Oh, are you writing something?”
Alister, “Yeah, but… It can wait I guess.”

Sparrow, “Don’t be silly! Just pretend I’m not even here!”
Alister, “Um, ok…”

Alister, “Teddy said you went with him to his appointment?”

Sparrow, “Meh.”

Sparrow, “Hey Allie? Can I–“
Alister, “They’re in the second drawer.”

Sparrow, “Thanks.”

Alister, “Wait. How much have you had? Teddy was saying–“

Sparrow, “Just one this morning.”
Alister, “Oh, ok then.”

[some time later…]

Edmund, “Here you are.”

Edmund, “Sparrow, we need to talk.”

Edmund, “…Are you listening? I don’t want to be talking to myself here.”

Edmund, “Sparrow…!?”

Edmund, “Sparrow! SPARROW!! WAKE UP!!”

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