Casper’s Summer Swap Goodies!

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

two photostories in one day! :O make sure you didn’t miss the other one! i didn’t want to do two in one day, but i also didn’t want to wait to show off the cute stuff casper got hehehe

in this story, we showcase how good i am with kids!

Devlin, “HEY WOW what is this?”

Mendo, “Not yours, that’s what it is.”
Devlin, “Aw, why?”

Mendo, “Because it’s not.”
Devlin, “Why?”

Mendo, “Because you smell.”
Devlin, “Why!”

Mendo, “Because you were cursed at birth to be absurdly smelly.”
Casper, “♥~!!”

Mendo, “Oh, Cas! Your swap gift is here!”
Casper, “♫♪~!”

Devlin, “OOH can IIIII open it with the BIG SCISSORS?!”

Mendo, “Uh, no.”
Devlin, “AWWWWW!”

Devlin, “Do you think there are any MONSTERS in there?”
Casper, “♪~~~”

Devlin, “Ew it stinks like newspaper!”
Mendo, “Your observational skills are unmatched, my friend.”

Mendo, “Don’t worry, I’m sure your gift was packed with rattlesnakes.”
Devlin, “COOL!”

Mendo, “Oh, a card!”
Casper, “♫!”

Mendo, “Look, Cas, it has a puppy on it!”
Devlin, “Wait for me! I want to look too!”

Mendo, “This is a very sweet card, you guys.”
Devlin, “Hey there’s a blue thing over here!”

Mendo, “Hey! Don’t step on everything!”
Devlin, “Bleh, it’s just a stupid blanket.”

Devlin, “Here you can have it.”
Mendo, “It’s already his, you turd.”

Devlin, “I’m opening this other one next!”
Mendo, “That’s great, you already ripped it with your foot.”

Devlin, “Hey more blue stuff! I bet this one’s for me!”
Mendo, “Yeah, well, it’s not.”

Devlin, “Oh it has a stupid penguin on it.”

Devlin, “Here you can have it.”

Devlin, “HEY WOW this one over here has toy fishes in it! This one is mine!”

Devlin, “AND THIS ONE HAS… squigglies. Oh.”

Mendo, “Give me that.”
Devlin, “Yeah you can have it.”

Mendo, “Wow, Cas! This is really cute Winnie the Pooh rement!”

Casper, “♥~!!”
Mendo, “What’s that? Little donuts?”
Devlin, “I want that one because it’s mine!”

Casper, “♫♪♫~”
Devlin, “MORE ponies? You don’t need more ponies.”

Devlin, “Hey move I wanna open things too!”

Mendo, “Devlin, either shut your face or I’m shutting it for you.”

Devlin, “HEY WOW LOOK this has candy!!”

Mendo, “Uh, yeah, I’ll be taking that.”
Devlin, “Awwwwww!”

Devlin, “There’s two little ones left. You can open this one.”

Devlin, “We have to open them at the SAME TIME ok.”

Devlin, “SIIIIIIGH more penguins.”
Casper, “♪~”


(“unicorms” is intentional, as was the lack of proper punctuation. just FYI.)

so yes, casper got his swap gift from the summer swap, courtesy of the wonderful Leeza~Kat and her adorable Stormy 😀 they spoiled us so much ;~; everything is wonderful! some tasty lollipops, a blanket with pretty unicorns (yellow on the back), some little popsicles, a penguin hooded towel, a little green penguin, a cute blue blanket, a penguin romper (dev had to model it since i strung casper in his hooves while he was wearing some leggings), a pony plushie (putting his pony count up to five LOL), winnie the pooh rement, rement donuts, and a mini fishing game 😀

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