Any Excuse is a Good Excuse

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i had a lot of difficulty with the lighting for this x_x it’s been really muggy. so i had to cut it a little short cuz i was running out of light pretty badly.

Gabe, “Hey.”
Vult, “Morning.”

Gabe, [sigh]
Vult, “…Uh… What’s up?”

Gabe, “Oh, nothing. Meryll’s working on some music and, uh… kicked me out.”

Vult, “…Mood swings?”
Gabe, “……Mood swings…”

Gabe, “How should I know the difference between Owl City and Postal Service??”
Vult, “Don’t ask me. Her music makes my ears bleed.”

Gabe, “At least she let me have my pants.”
Vult, “Small favors.”

Vult, “Up for some Smash Brothers?”
Gabe, “Aside from my girlfriend exploding with hormones, what else have I missed?”

Vult, “Not a whole lot… Well, San has been hanging around more…”
Gabe, “…Really……”

Vult, “…Earth to Gabe! Pick your character.”

Gabe, “Right, sorry.”
Vult, “Murder is fun and all, but I think we’ve had enough drama for now.”

Vult, “Oh, pause a sec! I have something to show you! Stay here!”
Gabe, “Hm? What is it?”

Vult, “Just wait! It’ll cheer you right up!”

Gabe, “. . .”

Gabe, “…Heh…”

Gabe, “Brrrr…”
Vult, “Yeah, it’s pretty chilly in here today.”

Vult, “Ok, ready? Prepare yourself for awesomeness!”

Vult, “Ta-da!!”
Gabe, “Ha!”

Gabe, “This really is awesome! Is it for us??”
Vult, “Yeah!”

Gabe, “But I thought Meryll said…”
Vult, “Girls like cars, too. Shut up.”

Vult, “Here, I got a girly bumper sticker so she wouldn’t complain.”

Vult, “See?”
Gabe, “Heh, smooth.”

Gabe, “This is great, Vult, thanks!”
Vult, “Of course. I mean, it’s not like Shael and I… ehh…”

Vult, “You get some drinks while I put this away before Meryll sees.”
Gabe, “Oh, sure! What do you want?”

Vult, “I’ll take a Pepsi. And if you shake it up, I’m kicking your ass.”
Gabe, “Yeah, right.”

Vult, “. . .”

Vult, “Heh…”

Vult, “What?! That cheating little–!”

silly vult, there will never be enough drammuhs.

no, tato does not have mind controlling powers.

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