The Hands That Heal, pt.1

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

murrrrrr we’re having a blizzard and i kind of killed my left hand shoveling ; ;

i ran out of light while shooting this, and had to edit the crap out of the pics :/ so i apologize for the fact that they get pretty dark.

mild mature warning

Alister, [sigh] “I still can’t read it. What’s wrong with me??”

Chase, “Excuse me, is Edmund around here somewhere?”
Alister, “Oh, uh… Chase, right?”

Alister, “You just missed him. He left for some appointment about twenty minutes ago.”

Chase, “He left me behind? That bastard…”
Alister, “Uh…? Is everything ok?”

Chase, “Oh, yes. Everything is just fine!”
Alister, “Oh, ok.”

Chase, “So what are you up to in here? Mind if I kill some time with you?”
Alister, “Er, well, actually…”

Chase, “It’s pretty boring around here, huh? You guys don’t even have cable.”

Chase, “There’s nothing to do at all! I would go insane living here!”
Alister, “Yeah I guess…”

Chase, “Am I making you uncomfortable? I can leave.”

Alister, “No, it’s fine. Sorry. I just…”
Chase, “It’s ok, Edmund explained to me about your anxiety. What’s in the letter?”

Alister, “…Oh…”

Chase, “Bad news, huh? I gotcha.”

Alister, [sigh] “Something like that.”

Chase, “You look like you could use a massage. Want one?”

Alister, “Uh, no that’s ok, I–“
Chase, “It would help you out a lot. You sure?”

Alister, “Um, I guess…?”

Chase, “Great! Just sit there and relax. I’m really good at this!”
Alister, “Are you sure? You don’t mind?”

Chase, “Please, it’ll keep me from getting bored.”
Alister, “Oh, that’s true I guess.”

Chase, “This ok?”
Alister, “Ahh… y-yes…”

Chase, “Your muscles are so tight! I’m surprised you can even move!”
Alister, “I… ohh…”

Alister, “Ahh th-that feels really good…!”

Chase, “Well it’s supposed to!”
Alister, “Mmm…”

Chase, “How was that…?”
Alister, [sigh]

Chase, “If you would like… I can help you relax even more…”

Alister, “Wh-what? But–“
Chase, “It’s fine, no strings attached.”

Alister, “Are you sure? Because I wouldn’t want–“
Chase, “We’re both adults. Just two people enjoying each other’s company.”

Chase, “Unless you don’t want to…?”
Alister, “I… If you… O-ok…”

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