Taking the High Road

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

lol if you look carefully in this you can spot the plushies in the background disappearing/reappearing (other than the ones that intentionally get moved). tato (the cat) was in the room with me and kept stealing the plushies that sit on/around meryll’s dresser.

WARNING: nekkids

Chase, “And… whose room is this…?”

Edmund, “Meryll’s, I suppose. The pregnant girl.”

Chase, “I see.”
Edmund, “She’s bunking with Seraph so we can have a room while we visit.”

Edmund, “You can have the bed. I’ll sleep on the floor.”
Chase, “Why? It’s big enough for two. And we’re a ‘couple’ after all.”

Edmund, “Ah… I suppose you’re right. Wouldn’t want to blow our cover.”

Chase, “So, what’s the story with that Sparrow girl?”

Edmund, “She’s Alister’s sister, but not blood-related. They adopted him when he was fifteen.”
Chase, “Hmm.”

Edmund, “I met them — mmph — when I was in med school. Alister and I roomed together.”
Chase, “Oh? Sparrow was there too? Was she a student?”

Edmund, “I stayed with their family for the holidays and met her then.”

Chase, “Can you get my zipper?”
Edmund, “Huh? …Oh, sure.”

Edmund, “I think she’s kind of lost without Alister around. She would call every few days.”

Edmund, “Alright?”
Chase, “Mmm, thanks.”

Edmund, “She’s a total nutcase, though. Very controlling and uses Alister like some sort of toy.”
Chase, “. . .”

Edmund, “She lived about an hour away from campus and started visiting every week or so.”

Edmund, “It’s no wonder he has so many problems, what with her messing with him all the time.”

Edmund, “I mean, she dragged him off to Canada just to cut him off from me. How absurd is that?”

Chase, “Why would she do that?”

Edmund, “I don’t know. I told you she was nuts. Just to keep him to hersef, I’d wager.”
Chase, “Strange. Is he even a doctor? He looks so young.”

Edmund, “Well he’s not licensed because he left the country, but he’s twenty-seven.”

Chase, “Really?? I never would have guessed.”
Edmund, “I know. You should have seen him when we met. All the girls loved him.”

Edmund, “He’s horrible though, with girls I mean. Has panic attacks and everything.”
Chase, “Hmm.”

Chase, “Maybe part of the problem is that everybody treats him like a kid?”

Edmund, “What? That’s ridicu–“

Edmund, “When did you change clothes?!”
Chase, “Just now while you were talking.”

Edmund, “You could have asked me to leave the room!”
Chase, “Why?”

Chase, “Do you want the left side or the right?”

Edmund, “Please tell me you’re at least putting on some trousers!”

Chase, “What? That would be very uncomfortable.”
Edmund, “I’ll take the floor.”

(psssst, teddy, there’s a half-nekkid woman behind you!)

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