First Impressions

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i apologize cuz edmund’s wig isn’t positioned right :< and apparently it was “fall over and piss mendo off” day >.> took me two hours to shoot this >____<

edmund and chase belong to keishi-chan!

Chase, “What a wretched drive. Are we at the right place?”
Edmund, “Hm… This is the address he gave me.”

Edmund, “You didn’t have to come, you know.”
Chase, “Don’t get the wrong idea. I needed to use up my vacation days.”

Alister, “Teddy! You made it!”
Edmund, “Ah, there you are. It’s great to see you!”

Chase, “Teddy…? This trip is worth it already.”
Edmund, [sigh…….]

Edmund, “Alister, this is the receptionist at my office. I’ve been renting a room from her.”
Chase, “Hi, I’m Chase.”

Alister, “Nice to meet you.”
Edmund, “So where’s–“
Sparrow, “GASP!!”

San, “Who’s the loser?”

Edmund, “Ah, Sparrow…”
Sparrow, “How have you been?? It’s been so long!”

Edmund, “Not long enough, I’d say…”

Sparrow, “You mean you didn’t miss me?!”
Edmund, “Not exactly, no.”

Chase, “I hate to interrupt, but… Where is the restroom?”
Edmund, “Oh, sorry–“
Sparrow, “Well hello, who is this?”

Chase, “I’m his–“
Edmund, “Sorry! How inconsiderate of me!”

Edmund, “This is my girlfriend, Chase! She’s the receptionist at my office.”
Chase, “Wh-wha…?”

San, “Dude, banging your receptionist? Nice.”
Sparrow, “How scandalous! It’s like you’re a totally different man!”

Chase, “Oh yes, I just couldn’t resist my Teddy! It’s that british accent, I can’t keep my hands off him!”
Edmund, “(Don’t get carried away, now…)

Sparrow, “Hmm……. downsizing, eh? I always thought you were a boob man.”

Chase, “Excuse me?! What’s that supposed to mean?”

Edmund, “Downsizing? I could say the same for you.”
Sparrow, “Hmm…! Touché!”
San, “WHAT?!”

San, “You’d better not be saying what I think you’re saying!”
Alister, “Ugggh…”

Alister, “Oh! Seraph!”
Seraph, “What in the world is going on? Who’s here?”

Alister, “This is my college roommate, Edmund, and his… girlfriend, Chase.”
Seraph, “Oh?”
Edmund, “And I waited for two hours! TWO HOURS!!”

Sparrow, “Whoa! How was that my fault?! It was just coffee! It’s not like I–!”
Edmund, “Excuse me for being optimistic! I didn’t realize I was just being played!”

Edmund, “And Canada? SERIOUSLY?? You knew he couldn’t get licensed there!”
Sparrow, “What exactly are you insinuating?? That I didn’t want him to finish??”
Seraph, “I’m sorry, you don’t have to stay here and listen to this.”
Chase, “Please tell me where the restroom is before I explode!”

Seraph, “Alice, take San and go get their bags, please.”
Alister, “Sure.”

Seraph, “Well then, I like him already!”

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