Childlike Behavior

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

man, i have the next three photostories already done @_@ very weird feeling.

alister and edmund sometimes remind me a lot of house and wilson lol (well, edmund is a lot like wilson lol with a british accent :B and alister is not a hot middle-aged man)

Alister, “Ahhhhh…. I feel so much better.”

Edmund, “This is the LAST TIME. You need to quit that rubbish.”
Alister, “Yeah, I know.”

Edmund, “I’m serious! You should be in therapy or something, not–“
Alister, “I honestly don’t need to hear this, Teddy.”

Edmund, “Well you’re hearing it, regardless! You shouldn’t even be on them anymore!”

Edmund, “Over-medicating yourself will not fix the underlying problem, and you know that.”
Alister, “. . .”

Edmund, “You need to go back to therapy, Alister. That’s that.”
Alister, “Are you done?”

Edmund, “…Apparently.”
Alister, “Did you watch the ultrasound video I sent you? What did you think?”

Edmund, “Yes, it was just a shadow. Maybe she doesn’t drink enough water?”
Alister, “That’s what the tech said, too. I don’t know.”

Edmund, “There has to be more to it. You didn’t call me here just for that?”
Alister, “Oh, uh… no, not really…”

Edmund, “Well? What is it? Spit it out!”
Alister, “You’re going to think this is really stupid…”

Alister, “I was hoping… you could deliver the–“
Edmund, “What?!”

Edmund, “I live three hours away, and I have my own patients! What’s stopping you from delivering?”

Alister, “Oh, NO way. I can’t deliver it! I am entirely not comfortable with–“

Edmund, “I order you to grow a pair, stick your hands up that woman’s vagina, and deliver that baby!”
Alister, “………………”

Alister, “Heh…heheheheheh……”

Alister, “Hahahahahahahahaha!”
Edmund, “Oh shut it, I was being serious!”

Alister, “Heh… You’ve changed a lot. It’s like I barely know you anymore.”
Edmund, “Well, you’ve changed, too.”

Alister, “Why didn’t you ever visit us? I offered so many times…”
Edmund, “Ah, I knew this was coming…”

Alister, “Did… something happen? Between you and Sparrow? Something I didn’t know about?”

Edmund, [sigh] “Sorry, but I really need to get going.”

Alister, “…You’re just going to blow me off…?”
Edmund, “Honestly. I agreed to do an in-house appointment for a local patient.”

Edmund, “It’s the only reason I can visit for as long as I can. It won’t take long.”
Alister, “Oh…”

Edmund, “Alister, it’s a long story and I need to go get changed or I’ll be late.”

Edmund, “Don’t start sulking at me. I promise we’ll talk when I get back!”

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This seems to have been deleted from DoA

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