Scramblin’ Crime Like Yo Mama’s Eggs

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

hm i meant for this to be a lot longer :/ this is only like 1/3 of what i meant to do >.< but my camera was dying

rather than focus stories on meryll having to tell everybody about the pregnancy, time will be skipping randomly. i will not be focusing on every little thing, nor will i be saying exactly how much time has gone by. meryll’s belly will just be growing steadily (prolly jumping in size a couple of times depending on how much time has gone by), though i will do stuff like an alister webcam here and there talking about a few details.

The city sleeps… like an insane kitten that ran into a wall and knocked itself unconcious.

I watch over it, a protector. Nothing slips past my cautious stare. Nothing.

A crime has been committed! The criminal flees the scene unhindered and the people cry for justice.

I answer the call and pursue him, faster than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck.

Cornered, he has no hope of escape. He turns to face me and I look down upon him…

San, “And then I would be like, ‘Suck my sausage, evildoer!’ and punch him in the face!”
Meryll, “That’s gross.”

Sparrow, “BrunchDude is the lamest superhero name ever.”
San, “No, ‘BrunchDude!’ like with an exclamation at the end! It’s EPIC.”

Meryll, “You HAD to have a catchphrase that was about your penis?”

San, “Well I couldn’t think of anything witty and breakfast-related about my ball–“
Seraph, “And that’s enough of that.”

Seraph, “Nobody cares about what’s in your pants, San, trust me.”
Meryll, “Yeah, gross! My superhero idea was a ton better! Justice Kitten would totally pwn you.”

Sparrow, “Know what else is gross? That nasty piercing.”
San, “What?!”

San, “Don’t start that! I didn’t bitch about your stupid poofy 80’s hairdo!”
Sparrow, “You know what? You should make your superhero name ‘Flapjack’.”

San, “But that makes it sound like I can’t… Oh. That’s just cold.”
Seraph, “Y’know, Mer…”
Meryll, “Hm? What’s up?”

Seraph, “It would be hard to be a superhero with a baby around.”

Meryll, “What?! But…”
Sparrow, “Good point! You can’t really call a babysitter!”

San, “Dude, whatever. Just make the baby your sidekick.”

Seraph, “…What.”
Meryll, “Ooh yeah! I could just tote it around on my back!”

Meryll, “Wouldn’t it be so cute carrying around a little baby with a cape?”
Sparrow, “If things get rough you could just throw dirty diapers at the enemy.”

San, “See? I’m a genius. Admit it.”
Sparrow, “No, you’re still an idiot.”

hehehe thanks for everybody who suggested superhero names! “BrunchMan!” was suggested by sarynkitamo n_n and it’s not really visible, but meryll is playing DS, incase you were wondering what the heck she was holding.

i’m very excited because sarah will have lots of time for dolls this weekend :3 so there will be photostories! i’ll try to remind her to post on her LJ with links since she usually just posts on DoA hehe

DoA link

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