Return to Sender

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

skype video chat! hehe

Meryll, “Hmm… Hello? Is anybody there?”

Meryll, “Huh?”

Nnnngh! Huffff!!!

Meryll, “What’s… oh!”

Meryll, “Jael, is that you?”

One… huff… one second…

Miss Meryll!!
Meryll, “Hey! How are you?”

Where is the master?!?!
Meryll, “What do you mean?”

This one needs the master back!
Meryll, “He’s not here, isn’t he with you?”

Of course not! Master is there!
Meryll, “I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Meryll, “But that does explain why he hasn’t visited or written back…”

Nooooo… The Master is lost…..!
Meryll, “Jael! Focus!”


Meryll, “Are you sure you don’t know where he could be?! Think!”

This one does not know! Master could be ANYWHERE!!
Meryll, “Maybe he said something before you guys left?”


Meryll, “Mmm…”
Huh? What’s this?

Miss Meryll! There was a note deviously hidden in This One’s pocket!

It says, “Dear Jael…” It’s a letter for This One!

“Gabriel and I have decided to take a detour to visit a friend of his in the Bermuda triangle before continuing on to meet you in Scotland.”

“Please keep safe and stay out of trouble. We will be there before you know it.”

Meryll, “Wait, what?!”
That’s what it says! It’s from Miss Gwen!

Meryll, “So he’s in the Bermuda Triangle?? Talk about random…”
This One does not– Ooh!

Miss Meryll!! That looks yummy!
Meryll, “Oh! It’s a Hershey Kiss with cherry stuff inside!”

Meryll, “Do you want me to send you some? They’re good!”

Have you been eating lots of them? You look pudgier than This One remembers!

Meryll, “W-what??”
Maybe it is just the camera…

Meryll, “Sorry Jael, I have to go…!”
What? Wait, no please!!

But This One has nobody to–
Meryll, “I’m sorry! Bye Jael!”

Meryll, “…………….Great.”

Meryll, “Well, at least Gabe isn’t around for him to blab to…”

gabe and gwen, in reality, are still with sarah’s parents!! ;o; hopefully they get mailed soon. it’s meant not only a delay in a lot of things that were planned, but also a major rewrite >.< because gabe should’ve come to visit by now which would’ve meant for a lot of things to happen already that won’t be able to happen until later now.

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