For the Sake of All Mankind

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

bleh bathroom photostory lol winter photostories suck ; ; i want my light back.

time is a little loose in the stories… please keep that in mind :/ this story actually should have happened about a month ago, but a lot of things have gotten delayed and/or shifted around. and the photostories over the summer had kind of a random time consistency. even though they were spread out over several months the time within the storyline didn’t actually take that long.

meryll’s tummy looks a bit… oblong? for some reason… but it’s just the camera angles i suppose. it hasn’t changed since last time hehe

Alister, “Well, from what I can check, you seem healthy.”
Meryll, “Phew!”

Meryll, “Do a lot of doctors close their eyes and hum loudly during exams?”

Alister, “Um, no, not… uh… not usually.”
Meryll, “Oh.”

Alister, “We should find an actual doctor for you, though, to get the fetus checked on.”
Meryll, “It’s a baby. Why can’t you do it?”

Alister, “I’m… not really comfortable with that. Plus you would need ultrasounds and everything.”
Meryll, “Oh…”

Meryll, “But you can deliver the baby, right?”
Alister, “Wh-what? You… you want me to…”

Alister, “I don’t know, it might be better if you had somebody else who–“

Meryll, “I trust you!”
Alister, “That’s… not really…”

Meryll, “When do I get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl?”

Alister, “Twenty weeks. How far along do you think you are?”

Meryll, “Hmm…”
Alister, “You don’t know?”

Meryll, “Shh, I’m counting.”
Alister, “Right, sorry.”

Meryll, “Around three months.”

Alister, “Really? That’s it?”
Meryll, “What do you mean?”

Alister, “I don’t know, I thought you were a little further along.”
Meryll, “Huh? Like how far? Why??”

Alister, “It was just a mistake, some women show sooner.”

Alister, “I would have guessed around two or three weeks more.”
Meryll, “Two or three… hm…”

Alister, “You’re handling this pretty well. I thought you would be more panicked.”

Meryll, “Really? Why?”

Alister, “Well, it’s just a big surprise. Not to mention your entire life is going to change.”
Meryll, “I suppose…”

Meryll, “I’unno. I was scared at first, I guess.”

Meryll, “But it’s kind of exciting, this little person growing inside of me.”

Meryll, “Like real-life magic! The next few months will be fun!”
Alister, “Fun… Right…”


Alister, “We need to hide all of your boots.”
Meryll, “…?”

alister has an overactive imagination. and possibly a fear of boots.

the fact that alister has gone through medical school has been brought up before, so hopefully too many of you aren’t like “wtf doctor????” and also meryll being pregnant and conveniently having a doctor in the same house is just coincidence (i didn’t make him a doctor just for this purpose).

in the main storyline he’s a cleric (as is his friend edmund) but he was changed to a doctor for this storyline just to make things simpler. he has not, however, finished his residency thanks to a certain sister… so he is not licensed to practice. what would you guess his specialty is/was?

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