A Bun in the Oven

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i was aaaactually awake early enough to take a photostory in the daylight! gasp! actually i’ve only had two hours of sleep soooo…. lol happy new year

Alister, “Hm… stocks are not going so well lately…”

Meryll, “Hey Alice! Happy New Year!”
Alister, “Maybe I should sell some of these…”

Meryll, “Do you want to play Mario with me?”

Alister, “I guess I could sell a few shares and see how it goes.”

Meryll, “…Alister? Are you ignoring me?”

Alister, [sigh…]

Alister, “Yes, Meryll, I am ignoring you.”

Meryll, “Why?? Are we playing a game?”
Alister, “No. I’m upset with you, remember?”

Meryll, “Wh-what?! Why are you upset with me??”

Alister, “I’ve been avoiding you for a week and a half! Haven’t you noticed??”

Meryll, “Oh… uh… I dunno…?”
Alister, “What?!”

Meryll, “I haven’t really thought about it I guess!”
Alister, “. . .”

Meryll, “So why are you mad at me??”
Alister, “…Nothing. Nevermind.”

Meryll, “Feh.”

Meryll, “So what do you want to do then? I’m bored.”

Alister, “You REALLY don’t remember why I’m mad at you??”
Meryll, “Nope.”

Alister, “Ugh…”

Alister, “. . .”
Meryll, “. . .”

Meryll, “Um… Can I tell you something?”

Alister, “Something like what?”

Meryll, “Promise you won’t tell anybody!!”
Alister, “Uh…?”

Meryll, “Just promise!”
Alister, “Ok, fine.”

Meryll, “I um… I… I think I’m pregnant.

Alister, “Oh… I already knew.”
Meryll, “What?! What do you mean??”

Alister, “Well, San came to me a few weeks ago asking me about it.”

Meryll, “WHAT?! SAN KNOWS?!?!?!”
Alister, “Yeah, he was very concerned.”

Meryll, “Ugh this is horriblllllllllllle…”
Alister, [clears throat]

Meryll, “You don’t think he’d tell anybody, do you?!”

Alister, “Uh… he told me, so…?”

Meryll, “Oh yeah, huh.”
Alister, [groan]

DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN i know you all already knew 😛 lol

(meryll has a selective memory.)

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