Like a Little Baby Roller Derby

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

[nearby sobbing]

San, “…Meryll…?”

[light knocking]
Meryll, “Wh-what.”

San, “I thought you were staying in Seraph’s room?”
Meryll, “Go away, San.”

San, “No. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Meryll, “I– [snnnnnnf] I just want to b-be by myself right–“
San, “Scoot over.”

Meryll, [sigh] “I told Gabe about the… you know, the baby…”

Meryll, “He… He just STARED at me. He didn’t even say anything!”
San, “Well what the shit did you expect?”

Meryll, “What’s that supposed to mean.”
San, “You waited so long to tell him, it’s like you just dropped a bomb on his head.”

Meryll, “…I thought maybe he would be excited…
San, “Can we talk, please?”

Meryll, “About what.”
San, “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Just hear me out.”

San, “I, uh… I know there’s the possibility that… that your kid, y’know… could be mine.”

San, “Even if it isn’t mine, or whatever happens, I just wanted to tell you that I’m here for you.”
Meryll, “San, I really don’t…”

San, “Not like that. I know I blew my chances with you pretty bad. I just want to be friends.”

Meryll, “You mean that?”
San, “Yeah. I mean, Gabe can’t be here and you don’t need to go through this by yourself.”

Meryll, “Heh… Why d’you gotta pretend to be such an immature jerk all the time?”

San, “Tch, immature? Look who’s talking.”

Meryll, “I’m growing up! I have to because I’m a mommy now!”
San, “Why? Don’t change who you are just for the kid.”

San, “You’ll be one of those cool moms that lets your kid eat ice cream for dinner.”
Meryll, “That’s not a good thing!”

San, “Ehh… Gabe will be there to be the responsible one. You guys’ll be good parents.”
Meryll, “Really? You think so?”

Meryll, “Hey, wanna feel my tummy?”

San, “What? No… Really?”
Meryll, “Yeah! You can feel the baby moving!”

Meryll, “Right here. Can you feel it?”

San, “Wow, it’s really going crazy in there…”

Meryll, “Maybe it likes you!”
San, “Ha, or it hates me.”

Meryll, “Maybe it wants some cookies!”
San, “Woman! Get your own damn cookies!”

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