All Sales Are Final

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

seraph’s leg pieces came unglued so i had to use really limited posing in this T_T;;; sorry lol

Chase, “So what is this, one of those online-based pyramid schemes?”
Seraph, “Something like that.”

Yuki, “Why am I the one doing all the work?!”
Seraph, “Shut your face and finish updating my website, Tinbits.”

Yuki, “Friggin tyranny, that’s what this is.”

Chase, “So… This is what you do for fun?”

Seraph, “Well you do what you do to keep busy, I guess!”
Chase, “Maybe you should take up knitting or something.”

Seraph, “Knitting?? How old do you think I am?”

Chase, “You don’t have to be old to knit. It helps keep your fingers dexterous.”

Seraph, “Dexterous, eh…? Hnnn…”

Seraph, “And you’re not into girls? Such a waste.”
Chase, “Sorry to disappoint.”

Meryll, “S-S-Seraph…”

Seraph, “What’s up, Mer?”
Meryll, “…Oh…”

Meryll, “N-nothing… I’m fine… Nevermind…”

Seraph, “Hm, I wonder if she’s ok.”
Chase, “Probably just hormones.”

Chase, “Busted a nail or something. Now the world is going to end.”

Chase, “I see it all the time at our office.”
Seraph, “Yeeaah probably…”

Seraph, “Hey, how’re my updates coming?”
Yuki, “Almost done.”

Chase, “So you actually make money from this stuff?”
Seraph, “Oh yeah, quite a bit. Stock market, too.”

Yuki, “Interested? Wanna buy in? It’s cheap, only–“
Chase, “Save the sales pitch, pipsqueak.”

Chase, “I’m perfectly happy making money like a normal person.”
Seraph, “You sure? I’ll give you a discount if you sleep with me!”

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