Everybody Has Something to Hide

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

lalalalala photostory

this has random webcam screenshots since sarah didn’t want to take pics lol wanted to change things up a little but hopefully it doesn’t just distract and take from the story.

Tato, And Avara will tell him?
Shael, “Yes, I’ll tell him. Stop asking.”

Tato, Really? No lying?
Shael, “No lying.”

Tato, Wheeeee!
Gabe, “Then Jael did a flying tackle, screaming ‘Unhand This One’s pants!’ It was amazing!”

Meryll, “Holy monkeys! That’s hilarious!”
Gabe, “Yeah, he nearly had a heart attack when he realized we were standing right behind him.”

Shael, “Hey kids.”

Meryll, “Shael! Gabe finally made it to Scotland. Isn’t that great?”
Shael, “Oh, yeah, fantastic.”

Gabe, “It’s great to see you, Shael. How’s Vult?”
Shael, “He’s fine. I have a message for Jael though. Tell him his friend misses him.”

Gabe, “I’ll let him know! I didn’t expect you to be the type to humor him like that, thanks!”
Shael, “Oh, I’m not.”

Shael, “You’ve got the camera angled up pretty high. Trying to hide something?”
Meryll, “What? N-no…”

Gabe, “You guys need to talk louder. I can’t hear you!”

Meryll, “Oh, it’s nothing!”
Shael, “Yep, no babies here.”
Gabe, “Huh??”

Shael, “Why haven’t you told him?”
Meryll, “SHHHH go away! Don’t you have anything better to do?”

Shael, “Excuse me, Gabe. I have better things to do, apparently.”
Gabe, “See you later, Shael! Tell Vult I said hey!”

Shael, “Tell him.”
Meryll, “I will when I’m ready!”
Gabe, “Is everything alright?”

Meryll, “Umm… Oh! Did I tell you I’m rebuilding Yuki?”
Gabe, “You are? What was wrong with her?”

Meryll, “Nothing, I just got bored and took her apart.”
Gabe, “Ahh, should’ve known.”

Meryll, “See? I’m even making some improvements. She’ll be smaller, though.”
Gabe, “It looks good! I can’t wait to come back and see her finished.”

Meryll, “Yeah, you’ll have to come back soon! Are you still coming to visit?”
Gabe, “Oh…”

Gabe, “Gwen, hey!”
Gwen, “Jael is napping so I thought I would come chat, too.”

Gwen, “Hello, Miss Meryll.”
Meryll, “Hey Gwen!”

Meryll, “Can you move to the other side? Your face is blocked by a little box.”

Gwen, “Like this?”
Meryll, “Yeah! So how was the Bermuda Triangle?”

Gwen, “Oh… it was very nice… until we got lost.”
Gabe, “Maybe I can take you there sometime, Kitten?”

Meryll, “Eugh….”
Gabe, “Yeah, I should have expected that. Someday I’ll get you to travel with me!”

Alister, “Meryll? Are you ready? We need to leave now if we want to get to the hospital on time.”
Meryll, “Oh!”

Gabe, “Hospital? Meryll, are you sick??”
Gwen, [clears throat]

Alister, “Oh, I didn’t realize you were talking… to… ah…”

Alister, “Let me know when you’re done.”
Meryll, “Wait! You don’t want to say hi?”
Gabe, “Meryll! What’s going on??”

Meryll, “Alister! Don’t be rude!!”
Gwen, “I… think I’ll go make us some tea.”

Meryll, “Alister!!”
Gabe, “MERYLL!”

Meryll, “Wha–“
Gabe, “Are you sick???”

Meryll, “Oh, um…”

Meryll, “No! It’s just a normal check-up!”

Gabe, “Oh… Phew… You had me really worried!”
Meryll, “Sorry!”

Gabe, [sigh] “I miss you so much.”

Meryll, “I miss you too… I really wish you were here.”
Gabe, “I wish I was too.”

Meryll, “I love you!”
Gabe, “I love you too!”

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