Suspicious Behavior

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

the sun is finally sticking around long enough that i can finally take pics in the guest room again!! they are still a little darker than i would like, but at least i have that option open to me again. huzzah!

Sparrow, “Hmm… not here…”

Sparrow, “Maybe he keeps them in–“
Malice, [ahem!]

Sparrow, “OH! ALLIE! I WASN’T–“

Sparrow, “Ah, it’s just you.”
Malice, “Have you seen my brother?”

Sparrow, “Get lost, little person. I’m busy.”
Malice, “Whut.”

Malice, “Either you’ve seen my brother or you haven’t.”

Sparrow, “OK! I haven’t seen him. I’m extremely busy, so please leave me alone.”
Malice, “Hmph!”

Malice, “What are you so busy doing?? You’re just rummaging in drawers.”

Sparrow, “This is my room, I can do what I want. Come back when you’re over four feet tall.”

San, “Here you are! Where have you been?”
Malice, “Oh! I was trying to find you!”

Malice, “I was with Alister!”
San, “Why were you with him??”

Malice, “Um… he was babysitting me.”
San, “Babysitting????”

San, “Last time I tried to get you a babysitter, you went completely apeshit!”

Malice, “…Doesn’t sound familiar…”

San, “Haha. Very funny. You weren’t driving the guy nuts, were you?”

Sparrow, “HA!”
San, “Good point, he’s already–“

San, “Hey, see? Why can’t you leave your hair like that???”
Sparrow, “Shut up, San.”

Malice, “Alister isn’t nuts!!”

San, “You kidding me? He’s got more screws loose than a…”

San, “Than a… uh…”

Sparrow, “You are so witty. How can you stand it.”

San, “Know what? I didn’t ask for your input!”
Sparrow, “Maybe you should have!”

Malice, “Alister isn’t even here anymore. He left with Meryll.”
Sparrow, “He did?? Where did they go? He’s been hanging around her too much lately.”

San, “You’ve got to be kidding me.”
Sparrow, “Excuse me?”

San, “Meryll is NOT interested in him, so don’t even start that rumor crap.”

Sparrow, “What makes you say that?! He could be falling for her! It’s not like you know!”

San, “I DO know! He’s too much of a wimp! She would never go for that!”
Sparrow, “Oh, I forgot you’re the stupid expert! Did you learn that after she dumped you?”

San, “You’re crazier than he is! Maybe you’re the reason he’s crazy in the first place!”

Sparrow, “I’M LEAVING!” [SLAM!]

[door slams]
San, “Damn, she’s one giant issue. Don’t grow up like her, k?”
Malice, “. . .”

San, “And I’m serious, stop hanging around that wimp.”

Malice, “But Lysander–!”
San, “No. I don’t need him rubbing off on you or something.”

San, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

the best thing about having malice in photostories again is the fact that she’s been gone for so long. she has to play catch-up, which is good for getting to know characters a little more and also good for catching people up on the story arc a little. it’s also nice because she’s a kid, so characters act differently around her.

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