NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

murrrrr sleepy


Sparrow, “What a nasty woman! I don’t see why you would want her as a patient!”
Edmund, “I suppose I don’t have a choice now. You haven’t changed at all.”

Sparrow, “What’s that supposed to mean?”
Edmund, “You and your attitude likely just cost me a patient, Sparrow!”

Edmund, “Are you wholly incapable of acting like a decent human being?”
Sparrow, “What? She’s the one that slapped me! It still hurts!”

Edmund, “Nevermind. What am I supposed to tell Alister?”

Sparrow, “About what?”
Edmund, “About what?? About me and you, for starters!”

Sparrow, “Ohhh that…”
Edmund, “Augh…”

Sparrow, “You could start with the lying and sneaking around…”

Edmund, “Your idea. I wanted to tell him.”
Sparrow, “Fooling around while he was in class… Praying he wouldn’t come home early…”

Sparrow, “Empty rooms, dark closets, stifled moans…”
Edmund, “Ignoring my calls for weeks at a time. Don’t forget that one.”

Sparrow, “I’ve missed you, Teddy. Your fingers on my skin, the touch of your lips…”
Edmund, “If you missed me so badly you could have come back. But you didn’t, did you?”

Edmund, “Or better yet, why leave in the first place?”

Sparrow, “You know you missed me!”
Edmund, “I believe you’re a tad delusional.”

Sparrow, “I think you couldn’t stop thinking about me. About us. What we had.”

Sparrow, “Mmm…”

Edmund, [sigh…] “…Every spare thought I’ve had has been about you, Sparrow.”

Sparrow, “See? That wasn’t such a big confession, was it?”

Edmund, “Are you going to disappear again?”
Sparrow, “Of course not, Teddy…”

Edmund, “I want to be serious this time. No sneaking around.”
Sparrow, “Whatever you want.”

Edmund, “Sparrow, I–“

Sparrow, “Ow!”
Edmund, “Did I hurt you?!”

Sparrow, “That vicious woman, she completely overreacted! It’s not my fault her baby was so fat!”
Edmund, “. . .”

Edmund, “…I can’t believe I almost fell for this again.”
Sparrow, “Teddy? Where are you going?”

Edmund, “You were right. There’s nothing to tell.”

Edmund, “I wish you had stayed out of my life. Why did you come back?”
Sparrow, “What are you saying??”

Edmund, “Were his anti-depressants not enough anymore? You had to start filching the benzos?”

Sparrow, “…Excuse me?”
Edmund, “The drugs, Sparrow. You may have Alister fooled, but not me.”

Sparrow, “I didn’t–!”
Edmund, “Oh please. Drop the act.”

Edmund, “I won’t tell him, that’s for you to do. But I want you to stay away from me.”

Sparrow, “Wait! Edmund! It’s not what you–“

Edmund, “Whatever you have to say, save it. I have a career and a life, Sparrow.”

Edmund, “I’ve no room for your games… or you.”

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