Well It’s More Likely Than Swine Flu

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i loooove talia with the brown hair =____=;;; kind of frustrating cuz the black hair has been the only thing i’ve kept from her original character design lol

i’m looking forward to having rey back soon! part of me is tempted to just pay off the layaway and have him here sooner, but i’ve been spending a lot of money lately on clothes and such (trying to outfit some dolls OTHER than meryll for once) and really don’t have the means of clothing an entirely new doll. so he will have to wait! seraph isn’t complaining.

Seraph, “Ok, the heat is turned up. Can we fast forward to summer yet?”

Talia, “I know! It’s so cold!! And getting darker so early now.”

Seraph, “Where’s Rey?”
Talia, “Oh, he’ll be back in a few months.”

Seraph, “Mmm… so I get you all to myself…?”
Talia, “That depends. San says you’ve been smoking?”

Seraph, “…Ah.”
Talia, “You have??”

Talia, “You promised you would quit!”
Seraph, [sigh] “Remind me to beat his scrawny ass later.”

Talia, “I’m serious! You don’t even care?”

Seraph, “Of course I care, but can we not talk about this?”

Talia, “I was serious when I said I didn’t want to–“
Seraph, “I know.”

Talia, “Then what–?!”
Meryll, “Seraaaaaaaaaph…”

Seraph, “Nnngh…”
Talia, “Hey hun, what’s up?”

Meryll, “I feel yucky…”

Talia, “Aw, come over here.”

Talia, “What’s wrong? Not feeling well?”
Meryll, “My tummy feels gross. I think I have that hiney flu.”

Seraph, “Hiney…?”
Meryll, “You know, the pig one.”

Talia, “Haha, I doubt it. Did you eat something funky? What did you have for breakfast?”

Meryll, “Just some ice cream.”

Seraph, “Ugh, Mer…”
Talia, “Well that might be the problem, then.”

Meryll, “No, I think I’m sick!”
Seraph, “Ok……… How long have you been feeling sick?”

Meryll, “Just now. And a little bit yesterday, too.”
Seraph, “Huh…”

Seraph, “Mer, um… Y’know…”

Seraph, [ahem] “Mer…”

Seraph, “You, uh… you’re not pregnant, are you?”
Meryll, “What?!”

Meryll, “I am not!! Why would you say that?!”
Seraph, “I’m sorry, I was just–!”

Meryll, “That’s not even funny!”
Talia, “Aw, hun, wait! We weren’t–!”

Talia, “Haha, Meryll! Meryll, wait!”
Seraph, “Nnnngh, bauls.”

Talia, “You were just teasing, right?”
Seraph, “Hnnn…. Well not really…”

Talia, “Oh please, she’s not pregnant.”
Seraph, “. . .”

i had such a hard time writing this =________= i hate when my camera starts dying mid-story, because then i can’t spend much time flipping through pictures i’ve taken, so i end up having a hard time piecing them together later while writing dialogue.

(aka: i really should start scripting these things out sometimes)

so many people are hung up on meryll being pregnant!! what the beans.

my internet is pissing me off SO BAD today >_______<;;;;;;;

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