Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Not Pregnant

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i have to admit, i’m quite pleased with the title haha

Meryll, “P-E-R-I-W…”

[quiet knock]
Meryll, “What… I-N-K-L-E.”

Brodwyn, “It’s me.
Meryll, “Go away, I don’t want you to get sick.”

Meryll, “…Oh beans…”

Brodwyn, “I want to visit you.

Meryll, “Ok, but if you get sick, don’t blame me!”

Brodwyn, “We brought you some juice.
Meryll, “Ooh thanks!”

Brodwyn, “Vult said you need liquid to get well.

Brodwyn, “Are you feeling better today?
Meryll, “A little bit.”

Meryll, “Sure is boring though… Thanks for coming to see me.”
Brodwyn, “Of course.

Meryll, “Pick a color.”
Brodwyn, “Oh…

Brodwyn, “This one.
Meryll, “So how is everybody else? I didn’t get anybody sick, did I?”

Brodwyn, “No. Everybody is fine.
Meryll, “F-U-C-H-S-I-A… That’s good.”

Meryll, “Pick another color.”
Brodwyn, “Hmm…

Brodwyn, “This one.

Meryll, “So what have you been doing?”
Brodwyn, “Nothing. Vult let me play some games with him.

Meryll, “Ahh… T-A-N-G-E…”

Meryll, “…R-I-N-E…”

Brodwyn, “Did you finish taking pictures for Gabe?

Meryll, “Not yet. There are still a few more I wanna take.”

Brodwyn, “Do you want me to take some for you?

Meryll, “Sure, if you want. Not too many though.”

Brodwyn, “Any specific pictures?
Meryll, “Just take some of everybody doing stuff.”

Meryll, “I tried to get some of Vult but he won’t let me.”
Brodwyn, “I’ll try to get some.

Meryll, “Pick one more color.”

Brodwyn, “Um… this one.

Meryll, “Buttons!”

Meryll, “Oh, you picked up my letter. Thanks!”
Brodwyn, “Thank you, Linus.

Meryll, “You guys should get going, I guess… I don’t want you sick.”

Brodwyn, “Are you sure?
Meryll, “Yeah, I’ll be better tomorrow I bet.”

Brodwyn, “Ok. Drink your juice.
Meryll, “I will!”

Brodwyn, “Come on, Linus.

Brodwyn, “Feel better.
Meryll, “Thanks!”

Meryll, “Ok… Yes or no?”


(last color she chose happened to be vermilion, btw)

my original plan was to use a magic 8 ball keychain for this, but i couldn’t find it. sadness.

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