Foul Play

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

i had planned on this being a little longer (not much, but a little at least) but then my parents suddenly wanted me to come over for dinner so i had to take the pics really quickly and run out the door.

the best part of this was not having to adjust the focus at all lol :B

Alister, “Is it on? Do you think it’s working?”

Meryll, “Of course it’s working.”
Alister, “Oh.”

Alister, “Um… it’s October twelfth…”
Meryll, “Thirteenth.”

Alister, “…Thirteenth… Um… today has been pretty boring.”

Alister, “Meryll has been taking pictures to send to Gabe.”
Meryll, “Smile!”

Alister, “Nnnnngh… Um… Things are going alright since moving here. I still need to write a letter to Gwen, but–“

Meryll, “Do you think I’m fat?”
Alister, “Wh-what??”

Meryll, “Euhhhh Seraph says I’m gaining weight.”
Alister, “Well you have been eating a lot of sweets since Gabe left…”

Alister, “But, I mean, that doesn’t mean… I mean… I think you–“
Meryll, “You DO think I’m fat, don’t you?!”

Alister, “THAT’S NOT WHAT I–“
Meryll, “Cheese!” [click!]

Alister, “Aaaaaaaahhh no…! That was dirty!”
Meryll, “And it’s on video!”

Alister, “What?!”

Alister, “Nnnnnnnnnnnngh… How humiliating……”
Meryll, “Aw, big baby!”

Alister, “Turn it off!!!”
Meryll, “Byeeeeeeee!”

meryll’s last line would be a lucky star reference if i had ILU hands >:/

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