The Most Sweetest Girl on Earth

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

super über early morning story postinz!

this is not the bestest photostory, but it’s hard to deal with interesting photostory vs plot transition. in this case, transition won out so i can move on to other stuff.

San, “What have we here…?”

San, “The most sweetest girl on Earth, hm?”

San, “Meryll wouldn’t give me a present, would she? Hm…”

San, “What!! This box is already open!”

San, “Must’ve been Sparrow. What a rip-off.”

San, “Hmm… do I really want to accept a gift from Sparrow…?”

San, “Sure, she’s hot, but if I accept it she might get the wrong idea…”

San, “…and that would definitely be more trouble than it’s worth.”

San, “Of course, getting a little tail is always worth it…”

San, “Hmm……….. Would she poison them?”
Malice, “YOU IDIOT!!”

San, “Malice?!”

Malice, “Who else would be the sweetest girl on earth?!”
San, “Uh… of course, what was I thinking…”

San, “Did you just get back?”
Malice, “Yeah, this morning!”

San, “What have you been doing all–“
Malice, “Eating an entire box of chocolates, obviously!”

San, “M-Malice, you…”

Malice, “What?”
San, “Your feet… don’t tell me you pushed yourself too far…!”

Malice, “I can change back if I want–“
San, “Can you? Have you even tried? Why would you–“

Malice, “I haven’t seen you in so long and first thing I hear is a lecture???”

San, “Err… sorry… I’ve just been worried about you, and–“

Malice, “I missed you, brother!”

San, “I missed you, too.”

Malice, “Brother, who is Sparrow?”

San, “Uhhhhh… nobody.”

Malice, “Is she a girlfriend?”
San, “Uh, no. Definitely not.”

Malice, “You aren’t still going after that stupid Meryll girl, are you?”

San, “Um… Not exactly…”
Malice, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Malice, “You didn’t have sex with her did you?!”
San, “Dude, I’m not talking about this with my 8-year-old sis.”

Malice, “Ah! You did, didn’t you!! Does she hate you now?! Is there child support?! You skank!”

Malice, “HEY!”
San, “Back in the box.”

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