Mixed Signals

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

ugh i’m so tired today =3=

Alister, “I’ve been looking through this box for twenty minutes. Are you sure they’re in here?”

Meryll, “Um… I think so!”
Alister, “Right.”

Alister, “I found a wreath.”
Meryll, “You can’t put a wreath on a tree.”

Meryll, “Beans… These aren’t colored either.”

Alister, “Well it says on the box that they’re clear.”

Meryll, “…Oh. So it does.”

Meryll, “Did you find them yet?”

Alister, [sigh…] “I don’t know. There’s so much in here…”
Meryll, “Well don’t stop looking!”

Alister, “Are you looking for these ones?”
Meryll, “Yeah! That’s it!”

Meryll, “Eugh, help me with these.”

Alister, “Oh, sure.”
Meryll, “Stupid lights.”

Meryll, “Did you finish writing to Gwen yet?”

Alister, “Ah… no…”
Meryll, “What??”

Meryll, “How are you supposed to find out why she’s mad at you??”

Alister, “Well, no, that’s not… I just…”

Alister, “I mean, I want to know if… if she likes me.”
Meryll, “Huh??”

Alister, “You know, in a romantic way…”
Meryll, “But aren’t you gay?!”

Alister, “Wh-what?!”
Meryll, “Sparrow said you were gay!”

Alister, [sigh……] “Figures.”
Meryll, “You mean you’re really not??”

Alister, “Uh, no… why?”

Meryll, “Well I… I kind of dared Gwen to kiss you…”

Alister, “You… what?”
Meryll, “We were playing Truth or Dare.”

Meryll, “I didn’t think she would, but I guess people can surprise you!”

Meryll, “Of course if I’d known you weren’t gay, I never would have told her to do that.”
Alister, “. . .”

Meryll, “I mean that’s just embarrassing! What if you had gotten the wrong–“

Meryll, “Erm, Alice? What’s wrong?”

Alister, “All this time I thought she… I thought she might…”
Meryll, “Alister?”

Meryll, “Alister, I…”
Alister, “Why does this always happen?”

Meryll, “I’m sorry, I…”
Alister, [sigh]

Alister, “I’m gonna go.”

Meryll, “. . .”

Meryll, “I wonder if Gabe will hold me responsible for this?”

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