The Laydees Man Strikes Again

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

lol last night i posted some stuff about a new seekrit character in the works, and was so tired i forgot to filter it >_____> sooo anybody who saw it, shh! hahahaha the character won’t be introduced until sarah is back from scotland, but i may or may not post some stuff before that (like in a few days maybe). i hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek rofl at least it happened at night rather than mid-day.

ok this replies to this photostory posted by caffienateddoll, and this story by bronzephoenix! ❤ 😀

Alister, [clears throat]

Alister, “Today is November twentieth. I have been eating a ridiculous amount of ramen.”

Alister, “Thank you Issie for that cute drawing, Meryll liked it a lot. You’re an adorable princess!”

Alister, “I play boardgames sometimes. Mainly tabletop RPGs rather than boardgames.”

Alister, “Ayris… I… you don’t need to get me anything for Christmas…”

Alister, “And Vult and Meryll, uhh…”

Alister, “Oh great…….”

San, “Heeey! I have a question!”
Alister, “Don’t… don’t touch me…”

San, “Oh hey, you doing that naked webcam thing?”
Alister, “It’s not–“

Alister, “What are you doing?!”

Alister, “Get away from my camera!”
San, “Dude, chill, I just got you… like… a bajillion more ratings.”

Alister, “Ugh, get out!”
San, “Hey, relax!”

Alister, “I’M SORRY. HE’S CRAZY.
San, “Hey, I need to ask you something.”

Alister, “Huh? What?”
San, “Uhh, well…”

San, “Do you think Meryll could be… [whisperwhisperwhisper]
Alister, “Why would you think that?”

San, “Well I was talking to her earlier and–
Alister, “I don’t think she’s pr–“

Alister, “–Uhhhhhhhh…”
San, “Are you sure?

Alister, “Can we talk about this later?
San, “Uh, yeah I guess.

San, “Oh dude! I just scratched my balls on camera!”
Alister, “WHAT?!”

San, “Hahahahahahahaha I am SO sorry!”
Alister, “Gross.”

psh he’s totally saying “I don’t think she’s pretending not to be in love with you.”

what the heck else would he be saying??

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