Looking For a Way Back Home

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.


also, to clear up any possible confusion: yes, it may have technically been back in april when i did the photostories with mer and san having their fling, but as far as time goes in the story… really it would only have been a couple months ago.

just FYI

San, “Come on, where is it… It has to be here.”

San, “…Why does she have so much junk??”

San, “Where is my hat??”

Meryll, “Eugh…”

San, “HA!”
Meryll, “Eh?!”

San, “Meryll!”

Meryll, “…What are you doing in my room?”

San, “Looking for my hat.”
Meryll, “Well you found it, now get out!”

San, “I knew you still had feelings for me.”
Meryll, “Huh?!”

San, “Come on, why else would you keep my hat under your bed?”
Meryll, “Because I wanted you to make a good impression on Sparrow!”

San, “So you don’t have any feelings for me at all?”
Meryll, “No!”

San, “…I think you’re lying.”
Meryll, “What?!”

San, “I’m sure you’re lonely with Gabe gone…”
Meryll, “San!”

Meryll, “Euhh, let go!!”
San, “Come on, you don’t have to keep lying to yourself!”

Meryll, “LET GO!!!!”

San, “Why are you doing this?”

Meryll, “I’m not doing anything!”
San, [sigh]

San, “Why is it so hard for you to admit you–“
Meryll, “No!”

Meryll, “Don’t… don’t touch me!”
San, “. . .”

San, “Uh, Mer… are you…?”
Meryll, “Go away!”

Meryll, “Take your stupid hat!”

San, “…Meryll… I think we need to–“

Meryll, “Take it and get out!!”
San, “But you…”

San, “. . .”

San, “Fine.”

Meryll, “Stupid jerk!”

ugh, san is by far the worst at posing out of all my dolls >.< it took so long to shoot this, and the light went away really fast ; ; ickyalso the blushing on his hand rubbed against the wall or something and got pretty mutilated T_______T;;;;and i was supposed to have her slap him but i forgot >:/ pewp

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