A Gift From Azel

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

azel belongs to starshipangels n_n

Meryll, “Ahh, Christmas trees are so relaxing!!”

Meryll, “Oouuu! A new present?”

Meryll, “Who put this here? I wonder who it’s for…”

Meryll, “It’s for me!! Aww, from Azel, how sweet!”

Meryll, “What could it be? Christmas isn’t until Friday. Hmm…”

Meryll, “. . .”

Meryll, “Hehe! If I’m just careful, I can rewrap it and nobody will know!”

Meryll, “It is my present, after all. I can open it whenever I want!”

Meryll, “I wonder what it is. Maybe some cookies?”

Meryll, “Carefully now… Don’t rip it…”

Meryll, “Peeksies… What?!”



Meryll, “No way, a camera?!”

Meryll, “Of course not, silly. Maybe it’s just cookies wrapped in a camera box.”

Meryll, “Yeah, that’s what it is.” [toss!]

Meryll, “Hmm… Sure doesn’t sound like cookies, though…” [rattle!]

Meryll, “Hmmmm………”

Meryll, “Only one way to find out!”

Meryll, “Oh, hehe!”

Meryll, “Silly me, it’s a fake camera!”

Meryll, “Ok, back in the box so I can rewrap you and not get in trouble.”

Meryll, “I just need to… oh.”

Meryll, “…Whups.”

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