So Many Channels But Nothing To Watch

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

it’s been raining every day for several weeks now ; ; it sucks since i lose light even faster than usual, but at least the few hours of light i DO get in the house is nice filtered light so it’s really easy to work with.

talia makes a totally random appearance! i couldn’t find her normal wig… so she’s wearing a brown one, which i actually like so i might end up getting one for her o_O (the one she’s wearing here is too big)

warning: gratuitous make-out scene.

Tato, Avara!! Emergency!!

Tato, . . .

Tato, Too much sleeping…

Tato, If I’m back before Avara wakes up… yes!

Vult, “Really? That’s the only way to fix it?”
Alister, “Unfortunately.”

Alister, “She would need replacement surgery.”

Vult, “Why didn’t Shael say anything to me??”
Tato, Ooh! Avara!

Vult, “It just doesn’t make any sense!”
Alister, “I’m sorry. I wish I could help more, but…”

Vult, “Huh? Did you feel something?”
Alister, “Like what?”

Vult, “Like… Dunno… Just a chill or something.”
Alister, “Really?! What kind of chill?!”

Vult, “Just in my head, I guess…”

Seraph, “So he left this for you as a surprise?”
Meryll, “Yeah! Isn’t it pretty?”

Tato, That was boring.
Seraph, “Sure is!”

Meryll, “And he left me a note saying he’ll come back as soon as he can.”
Seraph, “Aww, that’s sweet.”

Seraph, “You sure lucked out with him!”
Meryll, “Yeah! I’m glad everything has been working out.”

Meryll, “I sure miss him though………..”

Meryll, “Ow!”
Seraph, “I can tell! You’re getting a little fluffy.”

Seraph, “Keep stuffing your face with ice cream like you have been, and…”

Meryll, “Nuuu… That’s not nice! That hurt!”
Seraph, “I’m just sayin’!”

Tato, Yawn, this is boring.

Talia, “Seraph? Can I talk to you a sec?”
Tato, I wonder if anything else is happening…

Seraph, “. . .”
Meryll, “Yeah! I’ll get out of here, see you later!”

San, “Come on! We’re late!”
Tato, Always interesting!

San, “I wouldn’t have asked you to come if I knew you would take forever.”

Sparrow, “Maybe you should have asked Meryll.”

San, “What’s that supposed to mean?”
Sparrow, “I think you know what I mean.”

San, “I’m not talking about this.”
Sparrow, “What, you’re lusting after some other chick, and I’m not allowed to care?”

Tato, Old news.

Tato, Somebody else, perhaps…
San, “What, and you constantly staring at–“

Sparrow, “SHUT UP!”
Tato, Ah! That’s not old–

Tato, –news…! I have to go back!

Tato, …Aww… too slow…

Tato, Very boring day.

lol WOO i combined a bajillion of my recent photostory ideas into ONE STORY. now i have no more ideas. GO ME.

san was gonna go see a little concert thing or something. or maybe they were gonna go see a movie.

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