That Would be a Buttload of Pie

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

they’re looking at polaroids but i was lazy and didn’t feel like putting fake pictures on them.

Seraph, “Haha wow… Alister looks ridiculous in this picture.”
Meryll, “Hehe! I had to surprise him!”

Seraph, “Better not have any embarassing pictures of me floating around…”
Meryll, “Nahhh.”

Meryll, “I have a couple but none of them are embarassing!”

Seraph, “Good. When are you sending them?”
Meryll, “Probably tomorrow.”

Seraph, “So you’re feeling better?”
Meryll, “Yep! All better!”

Meryll, “Ha! Look at this one Wynnie took of Vult!”

Seraph, “Ooh, let me see…”
Meryll, “She said she stared at him for like thirty minutes before he let her take a picture.”

Seraph, “Hey, I was thinking about getting some pumpkins to carve.”

Meryll, “Really?!”
Seraph, “Yeah, have some fun for Halloween.”

Seraph, “Maybe team up to carve them. San and Sparrow, Vult and Shael, y’know.”

Meryll, “Eeeeeeeeeeeee!!”
Seraph, “Of course, if you don’t want to…”


Seraph, “Sounds like a plan, then.”
Meryll, “Ohhhhhh so fun!!”

Meryll, “Can we make pie out of the pumpkins?”
Seraph, “We’ll see. How many of these pictures do you have??”

Meryll, “Ummmmmm… fifty-two.”

Seraph, “Oh, is that all.”

Meryll, “Really?! Do you think I should take more?!”
Seraph, “…No.”

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