Won’t You Take the Fall

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

the lighting in this is pewpy, but i have to be honest when i say it’s intentionally pewpy. i mean, i would’ve rather had better lighting, but with what i had to work with and what i wanted to do, this is how it had to turn out lol

the fuzzy pics as a result of the pewpy lighting, however, were not intentional :B

Shael, “Wow, you were right.”
Tato, Of course!

Shael, “I’ve never caught him sleeping before.”

Tato, He abstains a few days, then sleeps for a short time when nobody can see.

Shael, “Why have you never told me before? Why tell me now?”
Tato, Because.

Tato, Ka’var forces himself not to sleep. Why?

Shael, “Don’t ask me.”
Tato, Will you ask him for me?

Shael, “Figure it out yourself.”
Tato, Good luck.

Shael, “Wha–?!”
Vult, “Who are you talking to?”

Shael, “…What do you mean? I was just thinking out loud.”

Vult, “It didn’t sound like it. What’s going on?”

Shael, “Nothing, you’re being paranoid.”
Vult, “Does this have anything to do with when Gabe–“

Shael, “No. You’re being paranoid.”
Vult, “. . .”

Vult, “Fine. Forget I said anything. I’m sorry for interrupting your conversation.”

Shael, “You have issues too, Vult. Don’t act like this.”

Vult, “You have a lot more issues than I do, It’s not the same.”

Shael, “Oh, I didn’t realize this was a competition. Should I start listing yours?”

Vult, “AUGH!! I can’t believe we’re having this conversation!”

Shael, “What conversation?”
Vult, “You were talking to somebody who wasn’t there!!”

Shael, “Either drop it now, or I will kill you.”

Vult, “Wh-what? You–“

Shael, “A soul on fire. A long, painful death, drawn out across millenia.”
Vult, “I… I don’t understand…”

Tato, Stop lying.
Vult, “Huh?! Who are you?!”

Tato, Who else could I be?

Vult, “Who… who’s lying? Is she…”

Vult, “Shael!”
Tato, There is a secret.

Vult, “What are you talking about?! Shael has a secret??”
Tato, No…

Tato, Ka’var does not sleep…
Vult, “Wha…”

Tato, …Ka’var is afraid of the nightmares…
Vult, “But…!”

Vult, “Nnnngh………”

Vult, “Huh?!”

Vult, “Shael?! Where–“

Vult, “. . .”

Vult, “…Ugh.”

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