Don’t Kill the Messenger

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

lol i accidentally hit enter while typing the title and posted this before i could type out the intro and stuff.

these turned out kind of dark, bleh. really crappy lighting yesterday.

Alister, “Come onnnn…..”
[ring!… ring!]

[The number you have dialed is not in service. Please…]
Alister, “What?!”

Alister, “What the heck…”

Sparrow, “Hey, Beb!”
Alister, “Sparrow!”

Sparrow, “Who are you calling?”
Alister, “Um… Nobody.”

Sparrow, “Oooh, are you calling your little college boyfriend?”
Alister, “Shut up! He was my roommate, not my boyfriend!”

Sparrow, “Same thing.”
Alister, “Roommates don’t have sex!”

Sparrow, “If you say so. Can I talk to him?”
Alister, “No!”

Sparrow, “Aw, come on, let me talk to him!”

Alister, “Go away, please.”

Sparrow, “Awwww but I’m his friend, too!”
Alister, “What? Teddy hates you.”

Sparrow, “No he doesn’t, Teddy loves me!”

Alister, “He says you’re, and I quote: a she-demon, with radioactive sewage running through your veins.”
Sparrow, “Aww, he’s such a sweetie.”

Sparrow, [sigh] “Tell him I said hi then, with hugs and kisses!”
Alister, “Whatever.”

Alister, “. . .”
[This is Edmund. I’m unavailable for a few days. If this is an emergency…]

[…please contact the new office or call 911. Otherwise leave a message!]
Alister, “EDMUND!!”


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

edmund, you slut!

it’s fun to show alister around different people and how he interacts with them. normally alister would just be like “ok, whatever” towards sparrow, but things are always different when you throw a best friend into the mix.

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