This Isn’t Getting Any Easier

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

this is a joint story between me and keishi-chan n_n half the pics are mine and half are hers (well, not exactly half, but you get the idea) and edmund (mnf ruth) belongs to her!

i should also mention this is her first photostory hehe :3

not sure how to word it differently so it’s more clear, but in the first pic edmund is talking to mover peoples.

Edmund, “Thanks for the help, gents!”

Edmund, “Eh? I missed a call?”

Edmund, “Where is it… here somewhere…”

Edmund, “Ha!”

Edmund, “Huh… Don’t know that number…”

[…SLEEP WITH MY SISTER… Oh… and we’re staying with some…]

Edmund, “Oh, damn…”

[happy music~]

Sparrow, “Hmm…..?”

Sparrow, “Yes?”
“Hello? …Sparrow?”

“Who is this?”
Edmund, “What do you mean, ‘Who is this?’ Don’t you recognize my voice?”

Sparrow, “Ummmm………… Nope, sorry!”
“Wh-what?! You…! AUGH!!” [click!]

Sparrow, “Heh… Sorry, Teddy.”

Edmund, “AUGH!!!” [soft thud]

Edmund, “She’s so infuriating!! How could she not… Maybe if she had LISTENED to some of my messages…”

Edmund, [sigh…]

Edmund, “I’ll give ‘er a piece of my mind. She can’t walk all over me anymore!”

Edmund, “Pick up, damnit…”

Edmund, “What do you mean, you don’t recognize my voice! Just how many bloody englishmen do you know!? And how many of them have you led on only to completely drop like you did to me, eh!?”

Alister, “…Uhh………… Edmund…?”

Edmund, “Oh….! Alister!”

Edmund, “Um, how are you doing? Visiting friends, you said?”
“I’m good! Yeah, um, we’re… staying with some friends for a bit.”

Alister, “But I didn’t really have time to get ahold of you before we left, so… Why wasn’t your home number working??”
“Oh, I’m moving.”

Edmund, “I finished up my residency, and signed on with a group practice. The movers are just finishing up and I’m flying out tomorrow night.”
“Wow, that’s great!”

“Yeah, I’m really looking forward to it. It’s family practice but I’ll get to do some prenatal care, too. It’s going to be great.”
Alister, “I’m really happy for you!!”

“Are you excited? Nervous? I bet you’re so nervous you can’t sleep!”
Edmund, “Haha, old man, I am so tired I’m worried I’ll sleep late and miss my flight!”

Alister, “Old man?! I was carded paying for an R-rated movie a couple weeks ago.”
“Hahaha, do you have to shave more than once a month yet?”

Alister, “I shave… enough…….. as needed……….”

Alister, “Anyway, Sparrow was trying to convince some high school girl that I was sixteen. It was so embarassing!”
“…Oh… She did, eh…? Heh…”

Alister, “Haha yeah, then I felt like a total jerk saying no, because this kid was so excited!”

Alister, “So I took her out to a movie. That’s when I got carded… Then I felt like a pedo.”

“Sparrow thought it was HILARIOUS though. Man, she drives me nuts sometimes.”
Edmund, “Yeah… I bet.”

Alister, “Um… are you ok?”
“Look, I still have some last minute things to do with the house and all before I leave tomorrow, so I’ve got to go…”

“How long are you going to be at this number?”
Alister, “Oh… a while I guess. I’ll let you know if we go back home or something.”

Edmund, “Right, I’ll give you a call when I get settled, alright?”
“Ok, have a safe flight! Bye!”

Edmund, “Whoo… Really dodged the bullet there, chap.”

Alister, “Hmm…”

Alister, “Crap!”

Alister, “I forgot to find out where he’s moving to!”

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