This One Chooses LIFE

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

ok so remember this is still backtracking past the stuff that we’ve already gone over with mer/gabe/gwen/alister… this goes on after meryll apologizes to gwen hehe

Jael, “Please! Please!! This one wants to plaaaaaay!”
Vult, “NO.”

Vult, “If you make me lose again I’m going to feed you to the cats!”
Jael, “Nuuuuu!!!”

Meryll, “Ok… so… umm, you’ll travel back in time, and be crowned queen…”
Gwen, “Ah, are you sure you know how to read these?”

Meryll, “Of course I do! You think you could do better??”

Gwen, “Well, I’ve never tried… but it sounds fun!”

Meryll, “Fine! Tell my future then!”
Gwen, “Let’s see…”

Jael, “PLEASE!!”

Vult, “. . .”

Vult, “Jael…………..”
Jael, “OH NO!”

Seraph, “Hey, there’s my favorite loser. I need to talk to you!”

Vult, [sigh] “What’s up?”

Seraph, “I was wondering how you found out about the, ah… questionable picture San acquired of you.”

Vult, “Oh, err…”
Meryll, “That was me!”

Seraph, “What?? Mer, really? You sly little minx!”

Meryll, “I was snooping around on San’s dating stuff and… sent messages to Sparrow…”

Seraph, “Haha!! This is all your doing? I approve!”
Vult, “Yeah, I ended up helping Mer to give her directions on how to get here.”

Gwen, “Oh, my!”

Gwen, “Miss Meryll… I believe these say you’re going to have a child!”
Meryll, “Huh?!”

Meryll, “That’s just ridiculous, you’re not very good at this after all.”

Meryll, “Ok, my turn!”

Jael, “Miss Gwen! Miss Gwen!!”

Jael, “Can you swing this one around in the bag again?”
Gwen, “Ah, not right now, Jael.”

Seraph, “Ok well, I guess I’ll make up something to tell San.”

Vult, “Want to play a round?”

Seraph, “Uh…. No thanks.”
Vult, “What? You sure?”

Seraph, “I’ll leave the nerd stuff to the experts. Catch you later!”

Jael, “Mister Vult!! Mister Vult!! Can you–“

Vult, “………………………………..”
Jael, “EEP!”

now to figure out why our wireless has decided to stop working >_____< bleh

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