Nasty Habits

NOTE: This has been copied from its original post verbatim, including misc jabber before/after.

example for the challenge over at ps_delicious 😛

i’m not entirely happy with this because it was pretty rushed, but oh wells :< needed to hurry and get it done so i still have enough light left to work on face-ups.

San, “Seraph, are you in here?”

Seraph, “Shit…”

Seraph, “Yeah, hey, what’s up?”

San, “Hey… why’d you tell Vult about the picture I used?”

Seraph, “Eh? What are you talking about, I never told him anything.”

San, “Well somehow he knew, and you’re the only one who–“
Seraph, “Look, I dunno.”

Seraph, “Maybe he consulted a psychic, haha!”
San, “What? Be serious.”

San, “If you didn’t tell him, then that–“

San, “What’s that smell? Were you smoking??”

Seraph, “Tch, what’s it matter to you?”
San, “I thought you quit.”

Seraph, “Yeah, well, I don’t tell you how to live.”
San, “…I thought Talia made you quit.”

Seraph, “Newsflash: Talia can do what she wants, and so can I.”
San, “But…”

Seraph, “It was just one smoke. And it’s not her problem.”

San, “But she said she would–“
Seraph, “I don’t need a reminder.”

Seraph, “Matter of fact, how ’bout you stop trying to do me any favors…”

Seraph, “…And do yourself a favor by keeping it in your pants?”
San, “Huh??”

San, “How did you–“
Seraph, “Please. You’re pretty predictable.”

Seraph, “I’ll talk to Vult about the picture. Keep out of trouble.”
San, “…Thanks.”

on DoA

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